OBeer Release Notes:

New and Updated Features

  • Retail Transfer: A new, more simplified process to the Buy/Sell method of managing inter-company transfers to a tasting room.
  • Sales Order: A new ‘Validate Availability’ function has been added to refresh ATP and highlight negative values.
  • Price Lists: Users can now mass update pricing on Orders and Quotations from the price list menu.
  • Bill of Materials: Changes made to Bill of Materials can now be propagated to scheduled, unprocessed productions in mass.
  • Bill of Materials: Versions has been moved from a tab to a button
  • TTB Calculator (OSpirits only): A new calculator has been added for OSpirits to calculate true proof, dilution amount, and volume based on weight and proof.
  • Administration: Orchestrated licenses can be viewed and allocated in mass.
  • Yeast Scheduling: Minor improvements to the way yeast scheduling is handled with multiple batch IDs. Yeast is now scheduled based on ‘Fermentation’ items instead of ‘Brewing’
  • Micro QC (Advanced QC only): Canning is now supported.
  • MPN Assignment: Improvements to which and how MPNs are displayed.
  • TTB Proprietorship: Added fields for Pre-Orchestrated Volume, TTB reporting type, and reporting interval


  • MPN connected PdOs can now be moved in bulk. This applies to unprocessed PdOs only.
  • A new Process Type view has been added and supports custom process types.
  • Check ATP has been enabled on the scheduler to quickly see if any sales order has negative ATP.
  • ‘Month’ view auto-expands on launch
  • Option to expand events to fit an entire day.
  • The current view from the scheduler can now be printed.
  • ‘Planned’ status PdOs now have a unique styling

iPad Inventory

New and Updated Reports

  • *NEW* State Tax Analysis Tool: An excel-based analysis tool that displays invoice & credit memo data to assist in completing excise tax returns.
  • *NEW* P&L vs Budget Analysis Tool: An excel-based analysis tool that provides the user with a view into their P&L vs Budget with variances.
  • *NEW* 1099 Vendor Summary: Displays payment transaction information as it relates to 1099 vendors. Vendor payments not flagged as 1099 are also considered and highlighted.
  • *NEW* Pro-forma Income Statement: When combined with budgeting and forecasting, this will project an income statement over a period of time.
  • *NEW* Fixed Asset History: Displays transactions associated with Fixed Assets. Also includes the ability to create a ‘Sign-off’ sheet for F/A prior to commissioning.
  • *NEW* Blanket Purchase Agreement History: Manage those hops, malt, and packaging contracts. Displays what you have on agreements, how much is left, and the appropriate transactions.
  • *NEW* Inventory on Hand & Aging: A more flexible version of the Inventory Audit Report.
  • Production Yield Summary: Updated to support custom process types.
  • Tank Inventory Snapshot: Tanks with no quantity are now displayed properly
  • Indented Costed BoM: Updated to support custom process types.
  • Open Service GRPO Balance: Fixed broken logic
  • Regional Sales Analysis: Added option to hide “Tax Liable” items and minor improvements.
  • Taxable Shipments by State: Updated to handle ‘Without Qty’ documents, totals added for State & Report level.
  • Sales Analysis Dashboard: Updated to handle ‘Without Qty’ documents.
  • Balance Sheet: International currency support. Resolved a rounding issue when hiding $0 accounts.
  • Inventory Count Variance: Resolved an issue in the ‘Select by Count’ parameter
  • Daily Production Activities: Packaging PdOs are now broken out
  • Support for OSpirits & custom process types has been added to the following reports:
    • Production Yield Summary
    • Production Cost Analysis by Process
    • 4 Day Production Schedule
    • Production Dashboard

Utilities & Interfaces

  • Administration: Item Templates now have the ability to remove existing templates
  • Administration: Orchestrated Configuration module to provide a simple “1- stop-shop” to company level settings & license import.
  • Sales Order: Unit of Measure displays on next to ‘Total Volume’ calculation
  • General: Item Master Data now appears instead of BoM when clicking on a drill-down arrow
  • Inventory Transfer: ATP has been enabled on Inventory Transfers
  • Production Order: Turn/Brew # functionality has been deprecated
  • Production Order: History tab displays the issued quantity for liquid component items.
  • Express Production: Batch managed by-products are supported
  • Express Production: Backflush items are validated when receive quantity is entered
  • Express Production: Automatic batch selection speed has improved
  • Express Production: Multiple date formats are supported
  • Express Production: Automatically releases PdOs in planned status
  • Express Production: Proof gallon calculation considers various volume types
  • Express Disassembly: Support for PdOs that contain by-products
  • Express Disassembly: Support for PdOs that have been processed through Barrel Management
  • Express Disassembly: Non-inventory items are now fully supported
  • Barrel Mgmt Express: Barrel Items are automatically assigned the PdO header warehouse if it’s not previously set
  • PdO Creation Wizard: Build Production Run will now recalculate time properly if users set a new time for any row.
  • PdO Creation Wizard: Build Production Run will now create batches for any item with a Process Order of “1”
  • Blending: Multiple date format support
  • Belding: Advanced GL Determination support
  • Blending (Spirits): Proof gallon calculation considers the pack type


  • Select multiple documents and move them in bulk
  • Header is locked when the user scrolls down
  • Reading data is significantly faster
  • Scheduler opens in a separate window
  • Quick-link drill down into day view
  • Quick-link drill down into week view
  • Inventory Transfer Requests are now included
  • Users may define their own colors for process types
  • User-defined process types are now supported
  • Due Date is now prepopulated when the user creates a new Sales Order or Purchase Order from the Scheduler

Core QC Improvements

  • A new QC Analysis Tool has been added to facilitate data extraction for Core QC fields.
  • Brew QC: Users can drill into a PdO from Brew QC
  • Brew QC: Users can also drill into the Item Master Data directly from Brew QC
  • Brew QC: Express can be executed directly from Brew QC.
  • Ferm QC: The weighted average values of Gravity & pH record in Brew QC are now carried over into Ferm QC.
  • Minor improvements to support user-defined process types for Packaging QC

Advanced QC Improvements

  • Fermentation Data: Support for user-defined process types and minor UI improvements
  • Bright Tank Data: Blended product
  • Bright Tank Data: Multiple batches in a single tank is now supported.
  • Bright Tank Data: Batches are now properly displayed on Bright Tank QC
  • CO2 Levels: Minor UI improvements
  • O2 Levels: Minor UI improvements
  • Milled Sample Analysis: This function has made a return! Batches pull from Brewing & Cooking process type PdOs. Base Malt items must be set as “Use in Spent Grain Report “Targets from Brand Master Data are now accurately populating in Batch Quality Analysis
  • Batch Quality Analysis: User-defined process types support.
  • Batch Quality Analysis: Functionality is no longer limited to “Bright Beer”.
  • Batch Quality Analysis: Minor UI improvements
  • Micro Scheduler: User-defined process type support
  • Micro Scheduler: Minor UI improvements
  • CIP: Users can now remove CIP records
  • CIP: Hot Acid, Cleaned, Purged checkboxes are now available for all tanks.
  • Grundy Cleaning Records: This functionality has been deprecated.

New and Updated Reports

  • Production Cost Analysis by Process: User-defined process type support
  • Items by Brand & Process Audit: User-defined process type support
  • Item Sales Analysis: Improved State Selection, Salesperson grouping option, and document group by option.
  • Quick Item Sales Analysis: Added Salesperson group by option
  • Inventory Aging Analysis: Modified to include transactions on the effective date (end of day status)
  • Balance Sheet: Resolved an issue with inconsistent data under certain circumstances.
  • Project P&L: Net profit inconsistent under certain circumstances
  • Tanks Inventory Snapshot: Tanks now display whether contents have a brand associated or not
  • Taxable Shipments by State: Resolved an issue where not all states were displaying, corrected totals on the 2nd measure, Grand Totals added
  • BoM Trace: User-defined process type support
  • Component Cost Analysis:Minor updates to current format standards
  • Daily Production Activities: Added decimals to volume quantities
  • Items by Pack Type Audit: User-defined process type support
  • P&L vs Prior Year Export: Fix display issue with December of prior year column
  • Transactions by Project: Resolved a grouping issue
  • Profit & Loss: Resolved an issue with EBITDA calculation under certain circumstances
  • Profit & Loss vs Budget Comparison: Resolved an issue with EBITDA calculation under certain circumstances
  • Quick Profit & Loss: Resolved an issue with EBITDA calculation under certain circumstances
  • Quick Profit & Loss vs Budget: Resolved an issue with EBITDA calculation under certain circumstances
  • Bill of Lading Layouts: A few typos have been corrected
  • TTB BRO: Adjusted Line 7 calculation to account for internal sales credit memos
  • Future Inventory Status Analysis: Fixed rounding related issues regarding ‘unit’ based measures
  • Open GRPO Balance: Fixed an issue with dates and balances

Utilities & Interfaces

  • Planning Management: Sales Goals & Forecast utilities has been replaced with a new Planning Management Tool. This tool will facilitate MRP setup & maintenance.
  • Payables Interface: The ‘Payables Interface’ has been enhanced with the capability to import bulk documents for the following:
  • A/R Invoices & Credit Memos
  • A/P Invoices & Credit Memos
  • Inventory Transfer Requests
  • Sales Orders
  • Expense Interface: GL Account sync has been adjusted.


Barrel Setup

To support barrel management, setup items are now included. Located in Administration → Setup → Inventory.

  • Barrel Size
  • Barrel Type
  • Barrel Status
  • Barrel Defaults

Item Templates (Default Process)
This has been relocated from the Inventory module to better align with setup vs. processing Licensing Orchestrated licenses can now be applied from outside of the system
User update for location
Default location is now applied to newly created users automatically.

Sales & Purchasing

Project on rows for sales documents

If a user sets a project at the document level from the Accounting tab, that project ID will be copied to each row of the document. The user can overwrite this on a row-by-row bases.
Project on rows for purchase documents
If a user sets a project at the document level from the Accounting tab, that project ID will be copied to each row of the document. The user can overwrite this on a row-by-row bases.


User-defined Process Types

Users can now create their own process types, expanding on license specific defaults. User-defined process types allow the user to:

  • Create company specific processes
  • Assign process types to production worksheets
  • Assign process types to iPad functions
  • Assign a color to the process type
  • Define a process order for their process types

Brand Master Data – Finished Goods updates
Proof / ABV has been added to the Finished Goods data tab. Barrel Master Data Barrel Master Data displays master data associated with a barrel object. These are inventory items that have been expanded on for barrels. Barrel Master Data captures:

  • Content batch information
  • TTB Numbering
  • History
  • Notes
  • Attributes

Auto-Select All Improvement
First-Expiry-First-Out (FEFO) has been added into the batch selection logic. This is set at the company level on the Setup table.


Express from Production Order

Users can now execute Express directly from a production order.
Auto-Select from Express
Auto-select All functionality is now incorporated into Express Production. This function will set actual quantity = planned quantity and preselect batches based on FIFO/FEFO company setting. Flags are contained when the Setup table and set at the company level.
There are three tiers of functionality.

  • A – Automatically prepopulates batches on form open
  • S – Presents a button for the user to press to populate planned quantity to actual quantity pre-selecting batches
  • D – Function is completely disabled. Worksheet Speed Improvements All worksheets have been updated to launch and refresh much faster.

Worksheets updated to support User-Defined Process Types
Users can now select the worksheet and tab number they wish to have production orders appear based on their process type. Build Production Run updated to support User-Defined Process Types Build Production Run / PdO Creation Wizard has been updated to support user-defined process types
Barrel Management Console
Users can now manage their barrels from a newly created destination. Functionality includes:

  • Stock on hand
  • Retiring Barrels
  • Receiving Barrels
  • Moving Barrels
  • Printing Barrel Tags
  • Processing Barrel Tipping Production
  • Processing Barrel Filling Production

Express (Barrel)

Express has now been updated to support selecting one barrel item and turning it into another.
Auto-TTB Numbering on Barrels
Barrel objects are automatically updated with a TTB number and fill sequence upon a successful filling Spirits Express Express production now records proof and calculates proof gallons. Proof is recorded on the batch.

Advanced QC

Bright Tank QC Updates

  • Bright Tank QC now has form settings enabled allowing users to customize fields displayed, add their own fields, and change the display order
  • Bright Tank QC readings no longer require a time to be entered
  • Batches are now accurately being displayed
  • ABV & pH targets are now displayed

Batch Quality Analysis Targets
Targets from Brand Master Data are now accurately populating in Batch Quality Analysis

Fermentation QC Updates

  • Fermentation QC now accounts for a change in item within the same tank
  • ABV & pH targets are now displayed


Quarterly TTB Report

The TTB Report has been updated to support the 2015 quarterly “short form” format. General speed improvements have also been made.
BoM Cost Variance by Month
View what how the cost of production fluctuates on a month-month basis for your products
Crystal Check Layout
A new check layout has been introduced to include document numbers, credit memos, down payment invoices and more. Formatted in Check-Stub-Stub, Stub-Check-Stub, Stub-Stub-Check Check Register A new Check Register report has been added, allows users a variety of display options.
Goals Overview
Provides the user a 1 year high level view of their goals vs sales. Includes variable grouping. Goals Summary Displays Goals based on a variable grouping. Provides a time period view of Goals vs Actuals and the variance. In addition it compares the defined time to Year-to-Date.
Indented Costed BoM
Industry standard report that breaks down a Bill of Material into its various components include the components of the child items. Displays values in Units & Currency. Inventory Count Variance Analysis An analysis report to display transactions by item of inventory count variances. Used to determine inventory fluctuation of an item/item group/etc.
Inventory Not Counted Since
Displays a simple list of items and when the last time was they were counted. Open Service GPRO Balance A simple report to determine the GRPO balance of ‘Service’ GRPOs. Used in month-end processing to get an accurate liability balance.
Production Cost Analysis By Item with Price Lists
Production Cost Analysis report with the added functionality of using separate price lists to determine cost variances.

Production Dashboard

Dashboard displaying multiple production KPIs
Project P&L
Profit & Loss like statement utilizing transactions associated with a project. Quick Raw Item Planning A week’s-on-hand like report. When used in conjunction with FISA this makes planning a snap.
Quick Volume Produced
Displays snapshot of volume produced for a period by brand / package family / package type. Sales On-Time Delivery Performance Displays a list of comparison of estimated ship date compared to actual date on a delivery document.

  • Auto-Select All

“Auto-Select All” is functionality developed to help in the batch selection process by selecting the oldest batch in the system automatically for the user on any form that requires batch selection.

  • Orchestrated Reports

With the improved Orchestrated Reports functionality, new reports and report updates can be delivered faster and more frequent with the convenience no down time!

  • Batch Backtrace Reinvented

Batch Backtrace has been completely overhauled to be faster, more accurate, and… it’s now in a browser

  • Pre-defined Case Flow Grouping

Cash flow grouping has been preloaded to assist in assigning the appropriate Cash Flow groups.  In addition, custom groupings can be defined and associated to the GL accounts for expanded flexibility.

  • Interface Templates & Mapping are now in OBeer

Get tired of resetting your templates after an update? Now you don’t have to, we now save all the settings you have in your interfaces into the system where they are kept safe and backed up regularly.

  • Dynamic Menu Building

Dynamic Menu Building is behind the scenes functionality that will allow deploying of new utilities, interfaces and web applications quickly and easily

  • Metric Support

Hectoliters!? Yes, they are now supported in this release of OrchestratedBEER.

  • Available-to-Promise Improvements

The ATP field on documents we have all come to enjoy has gotten an update to make it faster and smarter. Now looking at location and taking multiple factors into consideration, this feature been dramatically improved. In addition, we’ve increased the refresh frequency of this function

  • Licensing Improvements

With Orchestrated 4.1, compatibility for running both OrchestratedBEER & OrchestratedSPIRITS in a single environment has been introduced. Controlled through a sophisticated licensing mechanism, a brewery can run both products simultaneously or choose to just run one or the other based on user

  • OrchestratedBEER is now 64-bit Compliant

Having an eye to the future, OrchestratedBEER is now 64-bit compliant

  • SAP 9.1 Support

Lots of new features and stability improvements are included with every release of SAP. This is the engine of the car. With the release of Orchestrated 4.1, the latest version of the underlying platform is now supported

New Reports

  • New Finance Reports
    • Quick Profit & Loss- New simple & familiar layout
    • Quick Profit & Loss vs Budget- New simple & familiar layout
    • Quick Balance Sheet- New simple & familiar layout
    • Quick Balance Sheet vs Budget- New simple & familiar layout
    • Quick Trail Balance- New simple & familiar layout
    • Quick Working Trail Balance- New simple & familiar layout
    • Statement of Cash Flow- The link between the lance sheet & profit and loss
    • Charts of Accounts List- Snapshot of all accounts in a simple list
    • Financial Overview Dashboard with As-Of- Includes ‘as-of’ reporting and expanded KPIs.
  • Updated Finance Reports The following reports, have had a complete makeover under the hood. All financials have been revamped with the following improvements:
    • Includes flags for adjusting journal entries
    • Includes flags for closing journal entries
    • Sort order now matches SAP
    • Account display order has now been included (1-4)
    • Underlying SQL speed has been dramatically improved
      • Balance Sheet
      • Balance Sheet vs Budget
      • Profit & Loss
      • Profit & Loss vs Budget
      • Trial Balance
      • Working Trail Balance

Sales Reports

  • New Sales Reports
    • Quick Item Sales Analysis
    • Quick Customer Sales Analysis
    • Open Order ATP

Purchasing Reports

  • New Purchasing Reports
    • AP Price Trend Analysis
    • AP Open PO expedite list

Business Partner Reports

  • New Business Partner Reports
    • Business Partner Mail Merge Report (Christmas Card List)

Banking Reports

  • New Banking Reports
    • Bank Reconciliation

Inventory Reports

  • New Inventory Reports
    • Inventory Activity Summary

Reports Improvements

  • Production Cost Analysis – Now takes disassembly production orders into account. SQL has been improved for greater speed.
  • Production Cost Analysis by Item – Now takes disassembly production orders into account. SQL has been improved for greater speed.
  • Production Yield Summary – Add order by Brand or MPN
  • Production Order Status by MPN – Add order by Brand or MPN. Fix for drill down only launching PdO 1000
  • Daily Production Activities – Added parameter to show/hide disassembly PdOs
  • Goals Detail by Business Partner – Fix for cancelled documents
  • BoM Trace – Added logic for “null” process types
  • Packaging Efficiency – Fix for drill down only launching PdO 1000
  • Delivery Layout – Batch number is now included at for each row
  • Customer Sales Analysis – All states show the same delta % is now fixed
  • Item Production Activity Summary – Blended item volume was not being consumed
  • Component Cost Analysis – Divide by 0 error resolved
  • Open Sales Orders & Returns 
    • $ to accounting format
    • Cleaned up parameters and added titles and separators
    • changed group by to customer name+Code (from code) so list sorts in ABC order
    • Added option for “compact summary” version. (less than 1/2 the length of current version)
  • Future Inventory Status Analysis – Fixes for sales returns
  • Taxable Shipments by State – Added fix for logos to speed up processing, page break fixes.
  • Cash Flow Forecast Analysis Tool

Want to know if you can make payroll next week? Just need a quick glimpse into how you are pay Briess in a couple weeks? The Cash Flow Forecast analysis tool can help you see your in’s and out’s of cash at a glance

Optional Modules

  • Advance Analytics
    • Sales Cube- Want to analyze rates of sales? Export sales into and create your own secret spreadsheets? The Sales module as part of Advanced Analytics assists in answering those questions and more.
    • Purchasing Cube- Trying to figure out how to cut costs? Want to stretch that almighty purchasing dollar? The Purchasing cube available in Advanced Analytics can help answer those questions
    • Production Cube- What is the long term yield of IPA? How much malt has gone into batch 103? Common questions that production managers across all levels ask. The Production module focuses on answering these questions and more.
    • Finance Cube- Detailed financial analysis information at your fingertips. The next generation in advanced analytics gives the user sophisticated data analysis wrapped up in a familiar Excel environment. The financial cube focuses on Profit & Loss as well as Balance Sheet data down to the journal entry.
  • Interfaces now included (POS, Payroll. Exense, Payables, Fintech)
  • GL Determination Utility-  A simple tool used to assist in the maintenance of GL determinations for items, item groups, and warehouses.
  • Price List Management Utility-Radically upgraded with sync-on-start, the ability to create new price lists and attach price lists to business partners, this already powerful tool just got better!
  • ShipCompliant Integration Improvements-Want to save time processing your excise taxes? The ShipCompliant integration is the way to go! Sales invoices and credits are sent instantly to ShipCompliant where with a couple of mouse clicks your excise taxes are ready to go!Improvements in this release include:
    • Easier to use flags on business partners, brands, items for what you want to send to ShipCompliant
    • Better error handling
    • A nice web interface to see what has/has not been transmitted and the results
    • The ability to export your business partner master data to import into ShipCompliant
    • Resubmit document capability!
  • Stability Improvements
    • Brewsheet: “Show Status: Brew Sheet” field is not prepopulated causing an error
    • Brewsheet: Errors if too many records are displayed
    • Brewsheet: Invalid Query Tree error
    • Brewsheet: Displays wrong PdO sort order when same time is on every brew
    • Brewsheet: Brew Progress tab does not work
    • Brewsheet: Recipe Adjustment label & button stays where it belongs
    • Cellar worksheet: displays a number instead of the name of the user
    • Cellar worksheet: is incredibly slow under certain conditions
    • Cellar worksheet: FermQC Header Data is not visible when re-entering the document
    • Blending: Items not created by default
    • Blending: Default BoMs not created under certain circumstances
    • Express Production fails if items contain special characters
    • PdO Close Wizard Batch number pulls from Brew Number in PdO
    • Resizing issues with the Warehouse Assignment Wizard
    • Scheduler does not filter by location
    • PdO Creation Wizard fails with SAP 9.1 & SQL 2012
    • PdO Creation Wizard packaging production orders are not created properly
    • Location field does not display on the User
    • Warehouse selection locks user in Build Production Run
    • Master Production Assignment focus bug fixes
    • Master Production Assignment does not allow entering a number first
    • Master Production Assignment locks user under certain conditions
    • TTB Proprietorship is now labeled properly
    • TTB Forms: Proprietorship and Groups not created
    • System crashing if no “Show Status” is enabled
    • Blending: Enabling branches causes blending to fail
  • Tank Blending Order

The new Tank blending function in OBeer is now incredibly simple, allowing you to merge two different brands or two of the same brand of beer together in a single tank. You can also view the history of tank blends at any time.

  • Express Disassembly

This solution takes any production order that has been processed and reverses the transaction. To keep linkage and TTB reporting accurate, the express disassembly function uses the standard OBeer process, but does it for you behind the scenes including assigning the appropriate batch IDs.

Simply open the production order in question, right-click your mouse in the top portion and select Disassemble.

  • Build Production Run 

Build Production Run has expanded the capabilities of the Production Order Creation Wizard. With this new functionality, you can plan multiple production runs, change the default displayed data, and plan from wort → bright beer or bright beer → wort.

  • Brand Creation Wizard

A comprehensive setup tool to guide the user through each step of the process of creating a new brand. The wizard will create the new beer items, define the processes, and create a templated Bill of Materials (BOMs) using a step-by-step wizard.

  • Default Process

You set a default process for creating each step or stage of the process, the window also allows you set default BOM items, warehouses, etc.  This feature is used to support the new Brand Creation Wizard

  • Dynamic Help Links

New web links added within OBeer on each screen that take you to the OBeer Online Help Site making it easier to find Online Help for the screen of function you are working on.

  • Licensing Improvements

We’re making improvements to how licenses are maintained in OBeer, with an improved UI and options. It now displays the total licenses available and assigned for each type, making it easier to monitor and troubleshoot licensing issues.

  • Batch Quality Analysis Improvements

The Batch Quality Analysis screen was improved to use the new table structure and bring the UI up to the model used by other OBeer QC forms.

  • Pack Type Table Improvement 

Pack Type Table now allows you to select whether a pack type is  active or inactive to limit what shows up in reporting parameters & in item master data setup. All pack types are active by default.

  • Bug Fixes and Improvements to: 
    • PDO Creation Wizard
    • Batch Backtrace
    • Advanced QC
    • Packaging Worksheets
  • TTB Overhaul

TTB is getting a substantial overhaul to make it more flexible. The TTB Report will now be able to support contract brewing, alternating proprietorship and multiple locations

 New Reports

  • Finance Reports
    • Expense Item Details
    • P&L YTD with Revenue Group Comparison
    • P&L LY Comparison & Revenue Group Comparison
    • P&L now uses EBITDA logic
    • Project Transaction Reports
  • Sales Reports
    • Brand Order Fulfillment by business Partner
    • Taxable Shipment- BP Summary
    • Goal Details by BP
    • Goals Summary by Brand
    • Goals Summary by State
    • Container Activity by Pack Owner
  • Purchasing Reports
    • Purchase Item Cost Analysis
    • Purchase Item Price Trends
    • Vendor Delivery Performance
    • Open Purchase Orders Items by Vendor
    • Purchase Document Relationship Audit
  • QC Reports Package
    • QC Chart Analysis- Batch QC
    • QC Summary- Air Test
    • QC Summary- Brewing Data by Batch
    • QC Summary- Fermentation
    • QC Summary- Filtration Data  by Batch
    • QC Summary- Packaging Volumes
  • Business Partner Reports
    • Business Partner Audit
  • Inventory Reports
    • Tank Inventory Snapshot
    • Items by Brand & Process Audit
    • Items by Pack Type Audit
    • Items by Process Type Audit
    • Non-Inventory Items on BOM Audit
    • OBeer Setup Audit: Items by Pack Type
    • OBeer Setup Audit: Warehouse & Location
    • Available to Promise
    • TTB Proprietorship Setup Audit
    • TTB Item Setup Audit
  • Production Reports
    • Inventory Item Trace
    • Production Order Status by MPN
    • Production Yield Summary
    • Packaging Efficiency
    • Product Audit BoM: Non-Inventory Items
  • New Layouts
    • Bill of Landing for Delivery Order
    • Down Payment Invoice
    • OBeer_IV Countsheet
    • Production Order
    • Bill of Landing for Warehouse Transfer
    • Bill of Landing for Warehouse Transfer Request
  • Improvements
    • All OBeer reports are now in their own subfolder to assist in locating them
    • All OBeer reports now have their version located in the lower left corner
    • All OBeer reports now have dynamic help links to take you to the knowledge base.
  • Various Report bugs fixes

New Tools

  • Utilities
    • Budget Creation- enables you to create, update, and maintain financial budgets for OBeer, right in Excel. Any time you need to change a budget, create new budgets, or review it, you can easily pull it into Excel and make the necessary changes.
    • Price List- enable you to create and maintain price lists for OBeer right in Excel. You can create your price lists in Excel and easily copy them into OBeer, or you can even edit existing prices using this tool.
    • Forecast Update- enables you to import your forecasts right from Excel. Eliminate the manual data entry of creating and maintaining your forecasts by using this tool to easily import them into OBeer.
    • Sales Goals Update- extends functionality beyond OBeer. Sales goals are intended to be imported periodically and measured against, goals are by business partner, calendar year and sku. In this easy to use, familiar Excel interface, creating new and updating existing goals is a breeze.
  • Interfaces
    • Expense
    • POS
    • Payroll
    • Fintech File Creator
  • Web Portal Improvements
  • New User Interface

A more colorful visualization to help improve user experience.

  • New Digital Clipboard- Brew Sheet and Cellar Sheet

The updated brew sheet includes individual tabs for wort, green beer and a Brew Progress Chart so you can stay up to date on the gritty details of all those production orders from a centralized screen.

  • Packaging QC Metrics

This screen goes beyond the data normally entered on a production order and is designed to capture and associate packaging data with the production orders they came from.

  • Manage, Track and Schedule Yeast Generations

Yeast Scheduling allows you to see all batches of beer in fermentation that can be used as a source of yeast on brews, and then to select a source, linking it to the brewing production order. The selected yeast source then shows up on the Brew Sheet for the brewers to see.

  • BOM Revision

Keeps track of your recipe history in case you want to bring back that legendary brew for a one-off batch. When you make a significant change, OBeer™ assigns the new version a new number, keeps a copy of the old version in a history table, and captures all the info about who made the change and when.

  • Real-time Sales Orders

Sales Orders now include new predictive measures like total weight and estimated pallet spots based on the makeup of the sales order. This is especially useful for breweries that self-distribute so they know how much pallet room they’ll need on the truck based outstanding sales orders

  • Updated Production Scheduler

One of the biggest improvements in 3.0 was to our new “mobile connector” that now allows you to display your entire production schedule in your brew house on a flat screen smart TV, iPad or Android device instead of bulky whiteboards and post-it notes. View what’s being scheduled by process or by style – it’s completely customizable.

This new development uses gestures or the remote to rearrange orders. Any changes made on the screen automatically syncs back to the OrchestratedBEER™ application in real time. Your production schedule is no longer restricted to the desktop display hidden in the back room.

  • Express Production

The Express Production function is an all new method for processing the Issue and Receipt of a production order. You will find the Express button on the Brew Sheet, Cellar Sheet, and Packaging Worksheet. Express production merges all steps in the production order processing into a single screen, enabling you to input the items completed, items consumed, and all batch information on a single screen. When using the Express screen, you completely bypass the Issue, Receipt, and all the batch screens, reducing 5 screens and multiple clicks into just a single screen.

In version 2.1, the Express Screen has been improved to be easier to use, faster, and with additional useful information. We have also added alerts and controls that stop users from making common mistakes in production.

  • Batch Numbering

OBeer ver 2.0 has an all new batch numbering methodology, enabling you to create and assign batches using multiple fields. You can set the batch prefix, batch number, date stamp, and a suffix. These fields are then merged together and automated to create the Batch ID number used for the beer throughout the production process.

  • Master Production Process

In OBeer version 2.1, you can create an entire process (from Wort to Bright) in one single step. On the Production Creation Wizard, there is a new button for Master Production. When you create production orders using Master Production, you tell OBeer how much Bright Beer you want, and it automatically queues up all the previous steps.

The Master Production Process is designed to be used in conjunction with the MRP module, which can tell you how much bright beer you need to meet sales demand or forecasts. You could use the output from the MRP Module to then create your Bright Beer orders using Master Production, and have all the Dry Hopping, Green Beer, and Wort get created automatically based on batch size and lead time.

  • Scheduler

The Scheduler is an all new interactive calendar that visualizes production orders, purchase orders, and sales orders. Within the Scheduler, you can drag and drop orders to change the date, time, and warehouse from multiple points of view including month, week, day, and warehouse view. If you use manual production orders, MRP or the Production Creation Wizard to create production orders in a planned status, you can also use the Scheduler to release and schedule production in the month view. All planned production orders will queue up in the left hand side of the Production Scheduler until dragged and dropped on the calendar or warehouse view to be released and appear on the appropriate worksheet. You can also manually create new production orders by clicking on any blank space on the calendar or warehouse views to optimize tank usage.

In version 2.1, the Scheduler has been enhanced to display a lot more data on the calendar, including the tank beer is coming from, the customer and vendor names on SOs and POs, and much more. There is also no “hover tooltips”, that allow you to hover over a field and see additional information that wouldn’t fit on the calendar.

The new version also has an expanded filter section that allows you to filter the calendar for specific warehouses. In the warehouse week view, this is useful to see just fermenters or bright tanks.

  • Multi-Issue & Multi-Receipt

You can now configure OBeer to allow you to do multiple Issues and/or multiple Receipts on a Production Order. This functionality was requested by breweries that process long packaging runs and need to receive in finished product throughout the day, instead of waiting until the end of the run.

  • Yeast Scheduler

OBeer version 2.1 includes a new Yeast Scheduling function, allowing you to see all scheduled brews and schedule the yeast source from available beer in the tank. The scheduled yeast shows up on the Brew Sheet in a new section added in ver 2.0. You can also setup a warehouse as a Yeast Brink, and bring yeast into stock by consuming Wort, and use the new batch of yeast as a new crop for use in a brew.

  • TTB Report

OBeer version 2.1 includes a completely rebuilt TTB Reporting Module, built natively in Microsoft Excel. This new reporting tool makes it a lot easier to see where the numbers are coming from and to edit the report for your needs if desired. This new report will replace the old TTB Report built in Crystal Reports.

OBeer Reports Pack 2.1

  • Production Cost Analysis
  • Fermenter Utilization Graph
  • Item Production Activity Summary
  • Daily Production Activities Report
  • Weekly Production Schedule
  • Expense Item Analysis
  • Financial Dashboard
  • Bank Reconciliation Report
  • Future Inventory Analysis
  • Inventory Aging Report
  • Taxable Shipments by Date Range
  • Open Order/Returns Analysis
  • Sales Order Fulfillment Rates & Details
  • Item Sales Analysis
  • Keg Deposit Activity Report

Many other existing reports have been rebuilt to run faster and be more stable, using better methods than we previously used for reporting.

  • Packaging Worksheet

The Packaging Worksheet now includes a section at the bottom the displays the line items on the document. This enables you to see the bright beer and packaging components being consumed on a packaging production order.

  • Cellar Worksheet now includes Green Beer

Green Beer production orders can now be processed from Cellar Sheet if desired. Previously, green beer production orders were only viewable from the Brew Sheet. We received feedback from customers that their process had the cellar operators processing green beer, so we enable this step to be processed from either the Brew Sheet or the Cellar Sheet.

  • Inventory Transfers on the Cellar Worksheet

On the cellar worksheet, you will now see Inventory Transfer Requests show up as an additional tab at the top of the screen. On this new tab, you can review and process the transfer requests, much like you process production orders on the cellar worksheet.

  • Brew Sheet QC has Form Settings

On the BrewSheet QC screen, you can now turn off/on any of the fields in the brew sections (Mash, Kettle, etc.). This allows you to hide any QC related fields that you do not use in your brew process.

  • Brew Sheet QC screen new fields

The Brew Sheet QC screen has dozens of new fields to meet widely varying needs of our customers. Using the new form settings function, you can turn these fields on/off to meet your specific needs. The additional fields include new measurements, input fields for hops, and many others.

  • Batch Numbering now editable

The batch numbering system can now be configured by the user, enabling you to set or reset the next batch number in the sequence. This is helpful in correcting mistakes that incorrectly use up a batch number, allowing you to reset it and use that number again. Depending on the setting you choose for batches (by brew house or by style), the field for next batch number can be found on the Location table or on the Item Master Data.