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Available on iTunes, the Mobile iPad Production app allows users to access OBeer on the brewery floor. View production schedules created in OBeer right on the iPad app. Users can process production orders in brewing, cellar and packaging with the tap of the screen.

OrchestratedBEER is the only brewery management software system on the market with a mobile application that’s tied to real-time accounting transactions and inventory levels. As brewers fulfill production orders or package production runs, the app conducts all the back end transactions so brewers can spend less time inputting data and more time focusing on brewing beer.

  • View brewing steps, description & timing
  • View production orders by stage
  • View planned quantity
  • Completed quantity
  • Process production orders
  • “Issue” & “Receive” wort to fermenters
  • Visualize tank capacity
  • View production order components
  • Yeast IDs, generations, crop & tank
  • Completion percentage
  • Due dates
  • Beer components
  • Available on iTunes

Mobile Production Screenshots

View Tank Capacity

Visualize brewing tank capacity

“Issue” your Wort and “receive” it into fermenters for your green beer phase. Visualize tank capacity, batch numbers, planned quantity, dates, times and completion percentages.

Production Order Components

OBeer Mobile production app production order components

View components of a production order including item groups like malts, hops, water… you get the idea. Track units of measure in lbs, grams, gallons, etc. Then see your planned quantity versus what was actually used.

Track Yeast

Track beer yeast generations

Track yeast IDs, Generations, crop and tank

View production process steps

View brewery production process steps

The handy “steps” button in the top right corner lists the description and timing of the steps in the brewing process.

Filter by production stage

Brewery software cellaring: filter by production stage

Filter by buttons show production orders by stage in the production process (fermentation, dry hopping, aging, filtration) or by timeframe (all, this week or today)

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