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Your brewery is among the fastest growing breweries in the US. Breweries on OBeer grew 6.8x the industry last year.

The Growth Checklist: 6 Ways to Maintain Consistent Growth

1. Centralize Your Systems

Nullify the chaos of multiple systems. With OBeer, all departments can manage their tasks & interact with information that is both accurate & readily accessible 24/7.

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2. Ditch the Spreadsheets

Automatically increase & decrease inventory levels as you purchase, produce or sell. Transactions effecting inventory are reflected throughout the brewery providing instant insights.

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3. Integrate Taproom POS

OBeer works with nearly any brewery POS software provider as long as your third-party solution is capable of exporting data to a standard file or spreadsheet.

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4. Anticipate Demand

Replace whiteboards & multi-tab spreadsheets with an interactive, digital calendar. Plan for future demands, Anticipate what and how much to produce and visualize production from any angle.

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5. Track by Batches

OBeer provides at-a-glance historical records of every component, ingredient or fermenter used by a batch. Simply enter a batch ID or item code to view results in a web browser, or quickly export to Excel or PDF.

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6. Automate Accounting

Replace generic bookkeeping software with an automated brewery-specific accounting solution. Execute day-to-day accounting activities while journal entries are automatically created as each process occurs.

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