OrchestratedBEER FAQ

A: We are the only, all-in-one brewery management system. The common issue that we see in the industry is that breweries are using too many disparate systems that don’t speak to each other. If you want the full picture of what’s happening in your brewery, you need to link up all the different processes in one system. Our customers save dozens of hours a month, have added visibility into the business, and are more efficient at what they do.

A: We found that on average, users on the accounting side save 8.89 hours a week and 44.18 hours over the course of a month. On the Production side, users save 6.84 hours a week and 27.36 hours a month. Hear from Braxton Brewing about the time savings they find.

A: Coupled with the time savings, our customers have a competitive edge over others in their market are some of the fastest growing in the country. In looking at the 2016 Brewer’s Associate production numbers, we saw that while craft breweries increased production by only 6%, our customers increased at 41% which is 6.8 times faster than the industry. This is because OBeer gives ways to improve the business, make real-time informed decisions, and maintain sustainable growth. Read more about those stats here.


A: You’ll find 150+ industry specific reports in OBEER. Click here to find which reports you’re interested in, or download a sample reports pack here. If we don’t have a report you need, we have a have a team of developers in-house that can generate one for you.

A: Yes. We have weekly, Thursday demonstrations at 3pm EST/12pm PST. Typically, this is the best place to start, as you’ll receive a high-level overview of our services and understand how all our capabilities interact with each other. You can register for those here and you’ll see additional questions from multiple breweries that have also signed up. You can also download our general overview demonstration here.

A: Yes! Despite the complexities within cider, Kombucha and other industries, OBeer is flexible enough to handle a hybrid business case from end to end because it’s a platform, not another tool or QuickBooks add-on. No matter your size, it’s important to factor in a platform to help ensure your success.

A: All of our support staff are located in our Oregon headquarters and work with breweries on a daily basis, we do not outsource customer support. All users have free access to unlimited online ticketing for support, OrchestratedBEER User Forum, and eLearning website for assistance. After full training and stabilization, we have additional options for unlimited phone support. A support technician is on-call 24/7 in case of emergencies.

A: Yes, using OrchestratedBEER cuts out the need for normal bookkeeping operations/transactions. The reason being is that with OrchestratedBEER all accounting is automated in the background. Not only does it cut out the need for basic bookkeeping software such as Quickbooks but it also allows a full view into your business. You have a full 360 degree view into your brewery whether its Inventory, Recipes, Accounting, QC, Sales Orders, etc. Additionally, OrchestratedBEER has 100+ brewery reports built in, so there is no longer a need to parse together data/numbers from 3 different sources i.e. paper, spreadsheets and QuickBooks.

A: Yes, it will handle all of your current functions you use in QuickBooks Sage 50, etc. See this video on why others switched from other accounting software.


A: We have a drag and drop production scheduler that should look familiar if you’re currently using Google Calendar. When dragging and dropping our system is smart enough to also push out other production steps such as fermenting, dry hopping, filtering, and even production steps. You can find a quick video on our Production scheduler with that link.

A: Yes. We have a mobile production application which you can download from an iPad. You can find a video about our Mobile production App here.


A: Yes! Our comprehensive wizard will create the new beer items, define the processes, and create a templated Bill of Materials (BOMs) using an intuitive step-by-step wizard.


A: With OBeer you can make changes to production orders on the fly, edit Batch ID’s, update planned and issued quantities, swap out Amarillo hops for Cascade or add a new malt. All these changes affect COGS and inventory in real time.

A: For those who contract their beer, or are contractors for breweries, there is no better option than OBeer.

A: Check out this Quality Control on an iPad video. Tracking 80+ QC metrics from fermentation QC to yeast scheduling, to Batch QC, to Tank utilization.

Yes, you can capture all the Mash Data, Lauter Data, Kettle Data, Whirlpool Data, and Fermentation Data within OrchestratedBEER. There are 60+ QC metrics available out of the box. Additionally, we have our Advanced QC module available, to learn more about our Advanced QC module click here.

A: No issue here, we can set these up as different segments/classes in the general ledger for segregated reporting, as well as roll it up into a company wide report.

A: Yes! Our TTB report is automatically generated. Click here to find detailed overview demo.

A: We have our Sales by State Report. This report breaks down your sales by state by quantity, BBL equivalent, gallon equivalent and liter equivalent. You can use this information to fill your respective state report.

A: You have the ability to do a back-trace in our system so that you can see which ingredients by lot number went into each batch of beer. In the unfortunate case you need to recall beer, you can see exactly what batch was impacted rather than needing to recall everything.

A: Our Customer Web Portal is perfect for breweries who would like an easier solution for managing their sales to distributors.

A:Yes, and you can access all of our other financial sample reports here.


A: OnDemand is available as a cloud solution only. Enterprise can be hosted in your own private cloud or on-premise if you already have in-house servers and/or an IT department. We offer a supported and managed hosting environments which is accessible securely anywhere via internet connection.

A: We have a Payroll Interface Module which allows you to import your payroll data into OrchestratedBEER with a few clicks. The Payroll Interface Module eliminates the time spent entering transactions from a third-party payroll provider i.e ADP, PayChex, Paylocity etc.

You can continue to use the same payroll system that you are currently using. Alternatively, you can also create a journal entry payroll entry template, which can be used to manually enter in payroll into the general ledger. Read this blog on brewery POS, Payroll & other interfaces for more details

A: You can export all of your end of year financials into an Excel Spreadsheet to give to your CPA. OrchestratedBEER is fully GAAP compliant, so the financial information that you can export can be relied upon by your CPA.

A: You can add Overhead Items (Labor, Utilities, Depreciation/Amortization, etc.) at any step in the production process. You can have as much detail in OBeer for overhead as you capture in the real world.

Some people have their payroll costs broken out by Brewers, Cellar, Packaging etc.  If you have that detail in your actual costs, you could setup overhead items accordingly in OBeer (Overhead Brew Labor, etc.).

A: Yes, it can be accessed from any computer you simply login to via ondemand.orchestrated.com

A: Getting up and running with OrchestratedBEER OnDemand takes roughly 8-weeks with our Fast Track Implementation Plan. Our Enterprise offering takes 3-6 months to get up and running.

A: Amazon Web Services meets SSAE16, ISO27001, ODCA, and SAS70 standards. Even if your own firewalls were to fail they wouldn’t be able to breach into our cloud connection. We also take a local upload nightly.

Each product is specifically designed to meet the requirements of different sized breweries and differs in price, implementation timeline and training type. See our Product page for complete details.

A: You have authorization controls for each user to restrict access to different functions of the software or sensitive information. Additionally, there are limited user licenses that are available at a reduced price, which by default limit access to the users within their roles. These limited users can be  Mobile Production/Packaging Users, mobile inventory, limited financial users, etc.

A: OrchestratedBEER has its own GAAP compliant accounting platform (based on the SAP Business One platform) on which the entire system is based. There is no need for bookkeeping because our solution automates your accounting/inventory. As users interact with our software, journal entries and inventory postings occur automatically in the background capturing variances, costing, inventory valuation and customer/vendor balances in real-time. This eliminates the need for repeat data entry from one place to another, user error, complex spreadsheet costing, paper & pen, and accounting management overhead.

Yes, we work with other SAP Business One partners in your country of origin, who are familiar with country localizations and can provide a country specific version of SAP Business One in which OrchestratedBEER runs in. There are hundreds of SAP Partners around the world. Currently we have partners in Canada, UK, South Africa and Australia that are able to provide the country localizations.

OnDemand is currently only available in the U.S. and U.K.

A: 98% of breweries that sign up with OrchestratedBEER are coming off of QuickBooks. OnDemand is the best fit for most breweries because it’s a turnkey solution available for a monthly subscription. We have a 5 step implementation process to help you migrate from QuickBooks/Excel/Paper & Pen to OrchestratedBEER. We use standardized processes mastered through working with 100+ breweries to make it a smooth transition to OrchestratedBEER. For more details on this process, check out our page on How Standardization Works.

A: In order to get an accurate pricing quote, we encourage you to contact us and talk to a product specialist to identify what offering best fits your needs. We have craft breweries of all sizes using our software, from start-up craft breweries to regional breweries.

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