OBeer 4.5 is finally released! The constant driving rain and recently unexpected snowstorms in our beloved Rose City kept us hunkered down yet extremely focused over the past couple months. Fortunately, the bi-product of this forced confinement is a shiny new upgrade for the OBeer community.

OBeer 4.5 introduces some pretty rad features and a slick Excel-based reporting tool, all while squashing a few bugs we found hiding in dark corners.

1.     Swap out recipes on the fly

Bill of material “Versions” provide an easy way to track different recipes, whether it’s by location, batch size, experimental variations you’re trying, or tracking items you swap out regularly.

Say you ran out of Fuggles and need to switch to Palisade hops instead – just click the dropdown BoM Version on a production order to select an alternate recipe. Everything else is auto adjusted behind the scenes to account for the consumed materials.

OBeer 4.5 Bill of materials Revisions

2.    Plan packaging runs

Do your distributors change their order at the last-minute right before packaging? Now you can create & manage an entire batch of packaging from a single screen.

Plan and execute packaging runs in advance or finalize your splits between pack types once you know the final volume in the tank.

You can also create new packaging production orders from scratch or make adjustments to existing orders. You can read how it works here

OBeer 4.5 packaging run

3.    Quick-add adjuncts to tanks or barrels

Whether it’s peaches or raspberry puree, you can right-click on a tank and add those adjuncts right to the batch. The cost of the added items automatically rolls up into the batch of liquid in the tank.

OBeer 4.5 tank, barrel Blending & additions

Adjuncts can also be added to barrels with the click of a button in the barrel management console. This Barrel Adjuncts screen works similar to blending tanks above

OBeer 4.5 Add adjuncts barrel management

4.   New Excel Inventory Analysis Tool

Last but not least- meet our new inventory analysis tool. Spreadsheets cab be an extremely helpful supplemental tool if used the right way. OBeer users have always loved the Inventory Audit Report but it needed to be more flexible. That’s this guy.

We brought this information into the familiar confines of Excel, allowing users to analyze anything inventory related from any possible angle.

OBeer 4.5 Inventory Analysis tool

Here’s a rundown of the 7 tabs of fun within this fancy new tool:

  • Current On-hand (qty, value, # of yearly turns & avg. weeks on hand)
  • Value by warehouse (warehouse, item group, brand & item)
  • Transaction by day (warehouse, item group, brand & item)
  • Transactions by type (warehouse, item group, brand & item)
  • Counting adjustments (inventory variance over time)
  • Item cost chart (cost changes over time)
  • Inventory value chart (a pretty line graph charting inventor value over time)

Be sure to check out the Orchestrated help center for additional details on everything else that was added in this release. Now, on to 4.6!