We’ve got a ton of new features and functionality in the works – most of which came straight from user feedback on our OrchestratedBEER forum.

New features include:

System Control Packs (SCP)

The first release of the System Control Packs are coming out in the next couple weeks, which will help tremendously to reduce common mistakes and user error. These control packs are made up of queries and Alerts that you can simply turn on and start using right away. They monitor things like production variances over 25%, purchases that will change an item’s cost, or sales orders that have incorrect prices on them.

New Reports

We’ve been building up a large package of reports over the past 4 weeks that will get rolled out soon to all customers. New dashboards,financial reports, and greatly improved document layouts are included. The new document layouts are great, because we have built them with all the fields you could ever need inside the report, but hidden on the layout. So, if you want to edit your layouts, it’s now much easier and requires less Crystal Reports knowledge. You can check out some of the new brewery reports here

OBeer Core Improvements

OBeer 3.0 development is in full swing with a ton of new features under construction. Improvements to batch numbering and batch management, more defaults and system automation to eliminate redundant clicks and steps and improved user interface elements on many screens. We’re in the process of reworking the Brew Sheet QC to show targets, building a Style Generator tool, and adding in screens for production planning that work in conjunction with the Scheduler.  Ramp-up customers will start to see these new features in January.

OBeer Mobile

The iPad Packaging App is currently being tested at the first brewery now, and a couple more will start testing soon. While we work towards release of the App on iTunes, we are already starting work on building out the brewing, cellar, and QC screens on the iPad.  These new features in the iPad will be released throughout 2014, very exciting!

Stay tuned for more updates and follow us on twitter for the latest updates.

About OrchestratedBEER:

OrchestratedBEER is an all-in-one brewery management software solution that helps you manage every aspect of your business. We now have nearly 70 brewery customers using OrchestratedBEER on a daily basis. Check out our new testimonial videos to see how they use it or download the general overview demo below.

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