TTB Compliance Using Brewery Management Software

“Man, I love a good TTB audit!” – said no one ever. Buried deep inside a lengthy 2011 report was an audacious plan by the TTB to audit every brewery in the United States by 2016. A more recent report in February 2015 detailed the most common brewery ttb compliance and tax issues encountered during brewery audits. We’ve provided a quick summary [...]

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OrchestratedBEER 2012 Year in Review

We've had an extraordinary year of growth and success complete with new business partnerships, new product functionality, and most importantly - we've created 7 new jobs to accommodate growth! Here's a recap of 2012 happenings at OrchestratedBEER: OnDemand Introduced at CBC - May, 2012 This year's Craft Brewers Conference provided the stage on which OrchestratedBEER launched its newest software offering - Software [...]

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TTB Reports: How much time are you spending?

Life, beer, and taxes. Taxation on beer production will always be a part of doing business whether we like it or not. Unfortunately, our beloved craft beer falls under a specific category of taxation and stringent government regulation. You can equate TTB reports to simple checkups, or outright pulling of teeth, depending on the amount of time and effort you spend [...]

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6 Signs of needing to Adopt Brewery Management Software (ERP)

When should you invest in ERP software? There is a misconception that ERP software is too much of an investment and that breweries are too small for enterprise software. We get a lot of questions from people asking when they should consider adopting ERP software for their brewery. It would be great if the answer was as definitive as "You need software [...]

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Brewery Management Software Product Brief

Quick Profile Our Company: Orchestra, LLC What we do: We develop, add on to and customize SAP’s entry-level product platform called Business One, specifically for the craft brewing industry. We take a generic, world-renown ERP business management platform and develop additional functionality for the brewing industry. Our Product: OrchestratedBEER Our Platform: SAP Business One Where we’re based: Portland, OR (aka Beervana) Employees: [...]

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OrchestratedBEER- SAP for Craft Breweries

The Best-Run Breweries, Run SAP SAP has been the leading provider of enterprise software for many different industries. What most people don't know is that SAP has been the leading provider of enterprise software for the brewery industry. With breweries like, The Boston Beer Company (Sam Adams), Molson Coors, Anheuser Busch, Beck & Co (Beck's), and Carlsberg-Tetley (Carlsberg), SAP has been the [...]

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