Top Benefits & Best Practices for Hop Contracts

Top Benefits & Best Practices for Hop Contracts Hop Contracts are becoming increasingly important as the number of breweries entering the market recently surpassed the 7,400 mark. Buckling down on the business was heavily emphasized across the board in seminars at the recent 2019 Craft Brewers Conference in Denver. Properly handling hop contracts was suggested as one of many [...]

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4 Ways to Remain Competitive in the Beer Industry

(2016 Update: What Craft Beer Slow down? - 8 Ways Breweries Can Remain Competitive) With US Craft volume share increasing by 5.68% in 2011, the pie is growing but so are the number of forks. In fact, the number of “forks” are growing 3 times the rate of the “pie”. The number of operating breweries is due to increase as this [...]

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Brewery Management Software Product Brief

Quick Profile Our Company: Orchestra, LLC What we do: We develop, add on to and customize SAP’s entry-level product platform called Business One, specifically for the craft brewing industry. We take a generic, world-renown ERP business management platform and develop additional functionality for the brewing industry. Our Product: OrchestratedBEER Our Platform: SAP Business One Where we’re based: Portland, OR (aka Beervana) Employees: [...]

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