Brewery Software for Small Breweries

The misconceptions run far and wide upon first look at OBeer. Some think they need to “have their shit together” before even considering brewery software while others think their brewery is “too small”, the software is “too complex for me…” or “”.

Here’s a list of the top 6 misconceptions about OBeer and the facts to set the record straight when it comes to software for the startup or small brewery:

Myth 1. “My brewery is too small to run OBeer”

Fact: Of the 170 breweries that utilize OBeer on a daily basis, 71 (42%) produced fewer than 2,500 barrels annually in ’14 and 49 have implemented OrchestratedBEER from Day 1.

You’re never too small to run OrchestratedBEER brewery software. In fact, many breweries start out with OBeer before they even begin production.

Myth 2. “OBeer is too complex for me”

Fact: An all-in-one solution like OBeer can appear intimidating or complex, but the reality is that all those functions are already being managed in your current disparate systems. Bookkeeping software, spreadsheets and web apps provide the illusion of simplicity when in reality they are isolated, inefficient one trick ponies duct taped together. These disparate systems are actually too complex because you can’t connect the dots between them.

OrchestratedBEER actually makes things simpler by centralizing everything into one place. A centralized system allows you to automate the accounting processes, streamline production and get forward-looking inventory so you can make better decisions.

Myth 3. “Business problems are different for the big guys”

Fact: The problems all breweries face on the business side are the same no matter how big or small you are. Yes, a tiny 10BBl microbrewery will have the same frustrations as the largest 100,000 BBl regional brewery – regionals just have larger tanks.

It takes work to achieve efficiency in any business, but we’ve simplified this by allowing you to make better business decisions, regardless of size.

100+ brewery-specific reports are available out-of-the-box to help you make better decisions in every aspect of the brewery. Download the sample reports pack for a preview of our most popular reports.

Myth 4.  “I can build my own system with QuickBooks”

Fact: A home-built solution of brewery web apps and tools can easily become a tangled mess of disparate tools that are increasingly difficult to connect when met with inevitable growth & time. Just ask Bill.

OBeer solves the problems caused by the inability to “Connect the Dots” between multiple brewery systems of bookkeeping software, web apps and secret spreadsheets.

Myth 5. “I don’t need a robust system right now”

Consider what you want to accomplish in your future growth plans. How do you want to grow and how sustainable you want your growth to be? For startups like Indeed Brewing in Minneapolis, it was about having a plan in place from the beginning that didn’t involve switching.

“It all started with the initial belief that we wanted to have something robust and ready for growth from the beginning. We didn’t want to have to switch to something that we were going to outgrow.”


Myth 6. “There’s other ‘cheaper’ brewery management software out there”

Fact: You get what you pay for. True, there are cheaper alternatives out there because they are simply not an all-in-one apples to apples solution. Most brewery software tools on the market today are simple web applications with a brewery inventory database masquerading as brewery management software. These alternatives don’t solve the challenges that breweries of all sizes face because they still require you to use disparate systems for everything else.

Check out the OBeer story from Fulton Beer in Minneapolis about a brewery software implementation gone wrong and why you’re better off with an all-in-one system from the start.

Watch Fulton’s story here

Rule of thumb: If it integrates with QuickBooks, it’s just a Band-Aid.

Big Results for Small Breweries

Once up and live on OBeer, many breweries experience crazy growth. Rhinegeist took the cake in 2014 with 426% growth. Even the smallest brewery, producing 557 BBls in 2014, grew 179%. Overall, OBeer customers grow an average of 66% – or 3.7 times the 2014 industry average.

Everyone is experiencing the rising tide, but the biggest differentiator between “Orchestrated” breweries and the rest of the industry is that OBeer breweries are able to make better decisions based on accurate, real-time information provided by a centralized all-in-one brewery management software system.

“People often ask me about OrchestratedBEER and whether or not they should invest in it. And my answer always goes back to ‘Well, how big do you want to be?’…if it weren’t for having the software in place and making it part of how we do business, I think we wouldn’t be making as much beer as we are right now.”

– Tom Whisenand, Co-founder, Indeed Brewing Co.

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So, contrary to popular belief, size doesn’t matter. Big or small, OBeer is for all.