There’s an endless list of brewery technology, from POS systems to warehouse management and brewery automation. While OBeer features have you covered on the business side, we prefer to partner with fellow industry leaders who create, promote and support great products outside our expertise.ShipCompliant handles varies compliance issues from excise taxes to registrations and COLAs

A category of continued importance is simplifying brewery compliance. Consider all the man hours you spend gathering and filling out various forms ranging from product registrations and COLA submissions to keeping up with state rules and regulations.

We’re a big advocate of simplifying, streamlining and automating the mundane compliance processes to save time and money. This is especially important considering the current state of the industry with continued consolidation and increased competition. The industry isn’t slowing down. Now’s the time to incorporate automation on the business side so you can stay ahead of the curve and focus more on the beer.

The compliance specialists at ShipCompliant have been perfecting the science of automating compliance-related forms and issues in the alcohol craft beverage industry since 2000.

They’re the industry leader in providing compliance and transaction platforms, whether you want to automate registrations and COLA submissions or view up-to-date state rules, tax rates & regulations.

Why ShipCompliant?

We work with and recommend ShipCompliant for several reasons:

  1. ShipCompliant is the industry leading compliance platform
  2. ShipCompliant ensures all your documents are exactly what the state needs
  3. Allows your team to collaborate and get products to market faster
  4. Their state & federal agency relationships ensure up-to-date compliance information
  5. 3,300+ alcohol producers trust ShipCompliant for registrations, compliance, and tax reporting
  6. Like OBeer, It’s an integrated solution

The chart below provides a detailed look at how ShipCompliant’s automated compliance can help your brewery:

What ShipCompliant can do for your brewery

Download the ShipCompliant Product Sheet

How OBeer & ShipCompliant Connect

ShipCompliant and OBeer connect seamlessly on the back end. The OBeer-ShipCompliant integration combines OBeer invoicing and production capabilities with ShipCompliant’s reporting and registration tools.

This means OrchestratedBEER users can transmit distributor AR invoices and credit memos to ShipCompliant automatically. As you complete your normal invoicing workflow, the distributor invoices will be created in ShipCompliant at the same time they are created in OrchestratedBEER.

At the end of the month when it’s time to report on the shipments, all of your invoice data will exist in ShipCompliant, ready to populate on the submission-ready state distributor reports.

OBeer/ShipCompliant Integration Webinar

OBeer & ShipCompliant Webinar

Want to learn more about the ShipCompliant integration and see it in action? Join us for a joint webinar with ShipCompliant on Tuesday, October 11th @ 10am PST/11MT  We’ll address the following:

  • Brief introduction to OBeer
  • What is ShipCompliant?
  • How it works
  • How ShipCompliant integrates with OBeer