OBeer ShipCompliant IntegrationWe’ve been hard at work with our friends at ShipCompliant on an integration that will seamlessly tie OBeer brewery software and ShipCompliant together, making it easier than ever to submit state excise tax returns and COLAs for new brands created in OBeer without ever having to fill out tedious forms.

What is ShipCompliant?

ShipCompliant specializes in providing solutions for the alcohol beverage industry to simplify state excise tax reporting, state registrations (new brands), license management and the dreaded Certificate of Label Approval (COLA) submissions among other things. Basically, they help make your life easier when it comes to tedious government compliance tasks.



Integration Overview:

Phase 1 Complete: If you’ve ever filed state excise tax returns by hand you know how tedious it is to gather your monthly pile of invoices, sort by state, hand write the totals on each document, make a copy of that invoice (because most states require a copy), and finally enter it all into a form for submission. If you’re in 30 states – that’s 30 reports you have to put together each month. Phase 1 of the OBeer/ShipCompliant integration is now live and allows OBeer customers to transmit all distributor invoices to ShipCompliant automatically in real time. As you complete your normal invoicing workflow in OBeer, the distributor invoices created are simultaneously transmitted to ShipCompliant. Come reporting time, what once took days will now take minutes as all the invoice data is in ShipCompliant, ready to populate your state excise reports

Automatic State Excise Tax Submission:

ShipCompliant OBeer Invoice Integration

Coming Soon – Future Phase 2: Soon when you create a new item or brand in OBeer using the Brand Creation Wizard, all relevant information will be automatically transmitted to ShipCompliant in real time to automate the process of registering the new brand and getting your COLA approved. See the illustration below:

Automatic COLA Submission:

ShipCompliant OBeer COLA submission Integration

What makes OBeer integrations different?

OBeer is the only platform robust enough to handle the amount of data needed to support automating processes like filing excise taxes returns and COLAs. An integration like this using bookkeeping software just isn’t possible because the sync function is very inconsistent and the appropriate data is not maintained or readily available. It’s why bookkeeping based brewery software applications struggle to accurately integrate inventory and production numbers with accounting & financials. You need a platform sophisticated enough “under the hood” to perform such integrations with a simple, easy-to-use interface on the front end.

Future OBeer Brewery Software Integrations:

This integration is amongst many to come using OrchestratedBEER as the foundation. The technology behind this integration sets the stage for future integrations allowing for seamless integrations with many of the most common third-party platforms breweries use.