We talk about SAP all the time in our presentations and on the phone when you call us up. Ask about SAP and we’ll probably say something along the lines of:  “OrchestratedBEER is built on SAP’s entry-level product called Business One.” It makes sense for some of you who may have heard of SAP or seen the ads in the airport – but for those of you unfamiliar with SAP, you’re probably thinking to yourself:  “Who the heck is SAP, what’s a platform and what is Business One?”

S-A-P (Systems Applications and Products in data Processing)

Snowboard SAPSAP is the multi-billion-dollar software company that competes with the likes of Microsoft and Oracle. A majority of Fortune 500 companies use SAP to run their business more efficiently and effectively, because, when you’re processing thousands of transactions a day like Chevron or Coca Cola – saving 1/10th of a penny on your margins can seriously impact your bottom line.

Run the Same Software as “The Big Guys”

Even if you’re not an Anheuser-Busch or The Boston Beer Company, (both run SAP), there’s still a scalable, entry-level product called Business One. Same company, same platform, different product. It’s designed for small to midsize businesses and provides the scalability to become the next Samuel Adams if you want to. When we say scalable, we’re talking in the range of between 1 and 1,000 users.

Software for 1 or 1,000

A nanobrewery producing 800 barrels a year can run the on the same scalable platform as the largest regional brewery producing 1,000,000 barrels a year. That’s the beauty of a scalable solution. You’re going to need a more robust, long-term solution like Business One to replace spreadsheets and whiteboards if you want to grow or become more efficient. SAP is the platform that’ll take your small business to the next level. So whether it’s a microbrewery with 1 employee or a large regional brewery with 1,000 – SAP Business One provides a brewery specific, scalable solution for breweries of all sizes.

“The World’s Largest Companies Run SAP. Now Craft Breweries Can Too!”

SAP Table

SAP Business One is NOT:

• Just for big businesses Ghost River Runs SAP
• Super expensive
• Too complex
• Difficult to maintain
• The sticky sap found in trees

SAP Business One/OrchestratedBEER is:

• Powerful, yet easy to use
• An investment in your company’s future
• Market & technology leader in business management software
• A replacement for QuickBooks, Spreadsheets & headaches
• Custom built for craft breweries
• Everything you’ll ever need to run your businessFirestone runs SAP

Business One is ERP Software for Small Businesses – even a single user
Yes, you can run a robust ERP system with a single user – just ask Ryan Hilliard of Hilliard’s Beer. There are different software options available to fit the needs of different breweries. You can purchase the licenses outright or you can pay for the OnDemand version – a monthly software subscription in the cloud. Think software as a service like Salesforce.com. Business One has the same robust capabilities of the same SAP software the Fortune 500 companies run, but on a wider scale that’s more affordable, easier to use and more manageable for the smallest business.

Watch the video below to learn more about SAP – the platform we built OrchestratedBEER on. Then download our demo to learn how we’ve built OrchestratedBEER specifically for breweries using Business One: