If you’re currently managing your hops contracts and ingredient ordering process with spreadsheets and paper, chances are you’re doing a lot more work than you have to – and it’s probably a pain point of your brewery’s operations. Here’s a rundown of how breweries can go digital with their ingredient procurement process.

It all starts with your supply chain when you order ingredients. OrchestratedBEER has full SCM and Purchasing management, which means you have detailed views into the entire process of purchasing materials from your vendors from the purchase request, to purchase order to actually receiving the materials and assigning them to a warehouse or storage location.

OrchestratedBEER also provides full payment functionality so that you can make payments which can automatically reconcile your A/P invoices. You can print out a check right within OrchestratedBEER which creates digital records of check payments. Alternatively, you can manually record direct payments if you choose to use your banks direct payment capabilities. (Note: direct payments feature is not included in OrchestratedBEER and must be transacted using your banks direct payment tools.).

Each document has an individual purpose in the purchasing process. Below is a flowchart of the documents involved in the purchasing process:


Following the purchase document flow may sound like a lot of steps, but it’s creating all the appropriate journal entries on the accounting side with each transnational document, which allows tighter controls and improved operational processes and makes your accountant’s job much easier.

To read more on what each document does, check out the full page description for complete details on the purchasing/ingredient process in OrchestratedBEER.