OBeer 4.1OrchestratedBEER version 4.1 includes improvements, updates, reports and new features that cater to the specific “personas” in a brewery. Although there’s a little something for everyone in 4.1, this latest release focuses primarily on the brewery accounting and finance personas.

We’re also focusing on an “agile development” strategy, which is nerd talk for more frequent updates & releases in smaller segments instead of 1 massive update a year. This strategy allows us to implement more customer-submitted ideas and requests from the OBeer forum faster and more efficiently. For more on this check out “How OBeer Customer Drive our Product Development”.

OBeer Version 4.1 Highlights

1. Advanced Analytics

Whether you’re trying to figure out how to cut costs in purchasing, analyze rates of sale, calculate long term yield of your IPA in production or get detailed info on your P&L using pivot tables, advanced analytics has the right tools for the brewery data nerd. The next generation of advanced analytics provides sophisticated data analysis wrapped in a familiar Excel-based interface.

4.1 includes improvements to the following:

  • Advanced Financial Analytics
  • Advanced Sales Analytics
  • Advanced Purchasing Analytics
  • Advanced Production Analytics

1. Browser-based Batch Back trace

The batch back trace in OrchestratedBEER allows users to quickly view an interactive batch trace report from grain to glass or vice versa. Simply enter a batch ID and item code to view results in a web browser or export to Excel. This is extremely convenient in the case of a FDA/TTB brewery audit.

Web-based Batch Backtrace

2. Excel Analysis Tools

 a. Future Beer Inventory Status Analysis – Find out what you need next week

See what your future inventory levels are anticipated to be based off of your production and shipment plans. The Excel-based Future inventory report provides greater insight into future inventory status.

(4.1) Future inventory status report

b. Brewery Cash Flow Forecast – Find out what you can afford next week

Want to know if you can make payroll next week, or what you can afford to pay your vendors? The Cash Flow Forecast analysis tool provides at-a-glance cash flow forecasts

Using a familiar Excel interface, the Cash Flow Forecast analysis tool displays cash flow position at any given time within a 30 day period. Select current vs past due documents, specific cash accounts, or specific document types. You can also drill into a particular day to see what checks should be coming in and what should be going out.

(4.1) Orchestrated Cash Flow Forecast

3. All OBeer interfaces now FREE – Connect POS, Payroll, Expense, Payables & Fintech to OBeer

One of the biggest announcements in 4.1 is that all interfaces are now included free of charge. Free interfaces include:

  • OBeer POS Interface
  • OBeer Payroll Interface
  • OBeer Expense Import Interface
  • OBeer Payables interface
  • OBeer Fintech interface

Get more details on the available OBeer interfaces here

4. New Brewery “Quick Reports” – OBeer reporting granularity meets user-friendly familiarity

With so many breweries migrating from bookkeeping software to OrchestratedBEER, we’ve replicated the same look and feel of old reports you’re already familiar with to make the transition as smooth as possible.

The new OBeer “Quick Reports” combine the power of OBeer with the same intuitive interfaces of the tools you’re already used to. The first batch of Quick Reports include:

  • Quick Balance Sheet
  • Quick Balance Sheet vs. Budget
  • Quick Profit & Loss
  • Quick Profit & Loss vs Budget
  • Quick Statement of Cash Flow
  • Quick Trial Balance
  • Quick Working Trail Balance
  • Quick Item Sales Analysis
  • Quick Customer Sale Analysis