OBeer vs Manufacturing-01Orchestra competes with many different firms and product offerings in the marketplace with OrchestratedBEER.  Most commonly, OrchestratedBEER is compared to the “platform” companies and their products, such as Microsoft Dynamics GP or Navision, Sage Mas90 or Mas500.  Occasionally, OrchestratedBEER is also compared to manufacturing software solutions that have some industry focus. Not all ERP systems are created equal.

Industry Focus – General vs. Micro-vertical
When comparing OrchestratedBEER to other companies that provide solutions for beverage manufacturers, it is important to recognize the focus on the industry of the firm providing the software and the services to go along with it (implementation, stabilization, support, etc.)  While many companies focus on the “manufacturing” or even “beverage manufacturing” industries, Orchestra takes a much more specific approach to our target market.  Rather than focus on many different types of beverage producers, Orchestra focuses only on the beverage manufacturing industry “micro-vertical segment” – craft breweries. We customize brewery-specific software for breweries built on the SAP Business One ERP platform. We don’t take a generic ERP manufacturing platform and try and make it fit multiple industries.

Proactive vs. Reactive
Orchestra’s focus on the craft brewery industry, as opposed to the wide range of companies within the “beverage manufacturing segment”, allows us to spend our time, resources, and knowledge on the specific needs of our very specific customers.  When industry factors change in the craft beer industry, Orchestra will know about the change and be able to react to it quickly and provide our customers with features and functions that meet the changing needs.  We also proactively prepare for changes in the industry and build new versions of software and reports to meet the needs before they arise.

When software providers are generalized as “manufacturing” or “food & beverage”, it is difficult for them to provide the level of industry expertise, best practices, and knowledge that Orchestra provides to our craft brewery clients.  While it may seem like most beverage manufacturers would utilize the same processes and have similar requirements, in reality, their needs are as different as Pinot Noir, Dr. Pepper and IPAs.  With Orchestra, you can be confident that we are fully committed to the craft brewery industry and work closely with dozens of breweries to identify improvements to best-practices and continue to improve our solution to meet the changing needs of the industry.

Industry Specific Functionality
Orchestra believes that highly specific vertical industries, like craft beer, should have software solutions that are built and designed for their specific needs.  This includes everything from general production process flows to the reports that are unique to the industry.  We spend a significant majority of our R&D on exactly that, continuously improving the solution and making it increasingly specific to the needs of the craft brewing industry.

With other solutions that are not specific to the industry sub-segment of craft beer, ERP software implementations will require significant custom work to tailor the solution to the needs of a craft brewery.  This might include the development of user interface screens, beer specific Quality Control functions, or the multitude of reports specific to craft breweries.  At Orchestra, we have already built these reports and we maintain them behind the scenes with up to date information, so you don’t have to.

With Orchestra and OrchestratedBEER, you can be confident that you have placed your trust in a company and a product that is fully dedicated to the specific needs of your brewery.  We will continue to improve and enhance the product for craft breweries for years to come.