In a previous blog we addressed Why OrchestratedBEER Customers Grow Faster. The average growth rate of OBeer customers among the top 50 craft breweries (based on production) was 27.6% compared to 13.3% for non OBeer breweries.

But if you look at the performance of all OrchestratedBEER customers versus the entire craft beer industry, the numbers become even more impressive.

OBeer Customers vs. Industry 

According to the BA’s 2014 production numbers, the craft beer industry as a whole increased production by 17.8%. Breweries running OBeer increased production by an average of 66%. That’s 3.7 times the industry!

OBeer Average Customer Growth vs. Industry growth

New OBeer Customer Growth over Time

Not only are breweries who run OrchestratedBEER performing better than the industry average, but the number of OBeer customers in the “OBeer Community” continues to grow at a staggering rate as well.

New OBeer Customers Over Time

*22 breweries have joined the OBeer community so far in 2015, and we’re only halfway through the year.

Breweries of all sizes are joining the OBeer community to grow sustainably.

Top 10 Fastest Growing OBeer Customers

We also plotted our top 10 fastest growing breweries in the OBeer community with Rhinegeist in Cincinnati grabbing the top spot in 2014. The charts below illustrate our top 10 fastest growing OBeer customers based on production growth from 2014.

Top 10 Fastest Growing OBeer Customers - graph

What the numbers mean

Sure, a brewery can easily add new tanks and double production output overnight. The trend to consider when analyzing these numbers is the fact that OBeer customers as a whole averaged production increases of 3.7 times the 2014 industry.

Even if growth trends occurred before the adoption of brewery software doesn’t negate the fact that growth requires an all-in-one-system of controls in order to maintain sustainable growth and make better decisions based on accurate business data.

The outliers producing massive quantities like Golden Road (#8), need OBeer to maintain that growth and predict when to purchase ingredients, how much to make, what to promise, etc.

Outliers at the other end of the spectrum starting at 0 utilize OBeer to make informed decisions about how to allocate in a start up environment in order to maximize beer profits and get off the ground.

No matter where your brewery lies on the spectrum of growth or production, OBeer brewery management software will always play a role in growth and efficiency. Building your brewery with multiple systems often causes problems down the road. Building on the right foundation is critical for managing scalable future growth. It’s why the best run breweries run OrchestratedBEER.

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