We’ve just hit another milestone by surpassing 50 craft brewery customers as of June. 56 breweries have now joined the OrchestratedBEER community. That means 14% of the top 50 regional craft breweries in the U.S. are now using OrchestratedBEER to manage their business processes.

You don’t have to be a huge regional brewery to consider OrchestratedBEER. In fact, 53% of our customers utilize our OnDemand solution in the cloud and produce less than 15,000 barrels annually.  Most of them are startups. The percentage of OnDemand customers will continue to increase as more breweries hear about the success our current brewery customers have been having with the software.

Although 50+ breweries is a major milestone, the current growth trend shows no sign of slowing. Demand for OrchestratedBEER brewery software is at an all-time high, with 77% growth of our customer base in the past six months.


Who Uses OrchestratedBEER?

Breweries signing on with OrchestratedBEER vary in size from large regional breweries like Firestone Walker to small startups looking to implement systems from day one. We have two products to fit the needs of small, medium and large regional breweries. Read more about our products

Aside from the 50 plus breweries running the system are all the users accessing it on a daily basis. At last count we had just over 200 active users using OrchestratedBEER in breweries across the United States.

Turnkey solution

With the introduction of OrchestratedBEER OnDemand last year, breweries can now subscribe to a turnkey solution ready to use in the cloud. A brewery can now sign up for OnDemand and have their company setup with a preconfigured database which uses industry best practices. The training and implementation is an easy 5 step process that we walk you through.  Read more about our 5-step implementation process.


Standardizing the OrchestratedBEER software and using brewery industry best practices is the key to long-term scalability. By having all our OnDemand customers in one cloud server environment we can upgrade everyone simultaneously. Standard and Enterprise customers can rest assured that the standardization of the OrchestratedBEER software will continue to give them new brewery specific functionality while providing the flexibility of a private environment to utilize Advanced Modules and extend their OrchestratedBEER solution to 3rd party industry applications. This standardization also allows us to support our customers as we continue to bring on more brewery customers. Read more about how we simplify the transition from QuickBooks to OrchestratedBEER OnDemand by standardizing our software and processes.

OrchestratedBEER Community

OrchestratedBEER customers don’t just buy the software; they sign up to be part of a brewing community that shares tips and best practices and contributes to the future product road map through collective feedback. OrchestratedBEER bridges the gap between the craft brewery employees and brewery best practices using centralized information systems.

Surpassing the 50 customer mark is a prime indicator that OrchestratedBEER is providing a solution that the craft beer industry finds extremely valuable. It shows that our all “in-house” team is doing an exceptional job implementing them, supporting them and continuing to provide value for the solution. We haven’t lost a customer yet and we don’t intend to. The proven track record of OrchestratedBEER and the fact that it is designed around customer driven specifications provides a stable long term solution in which the brewery community can find value in and rely on. Download our interactive solution brief below to learn more about brewery specific software by OrchestratedBEER.