SAP-LogoOrchestratedBEER presented its cloud-based OnDemand brewery management software solution at SAP’s first annual SME Summit in New York City. SAP Co-CEO Bill McDermott kicked off the event with the “Power of Small” influencer roundtable, in conjunction with U.S. business leaders and small and midsize enterprises (SMEs).

The interactive discussion focused on “Small Businesses and the Future of the Global Economy” by reviewing problems with the current approach and determining the best ways to speed the impact of entrepreneurs.  Experts from the private, public and non-governmental sectors examined ways to eliminate barriers facing small businesses as they seek access to capital, talent and technology.

The roundtable was part of a broader day of events, all of which showcased how small businesses can grow and scale using SAP’s business management software in the cloud.  Moderated panel discussions and Q&A sessions focused on the use of enterprise mobility, analytics and cloud technologies to drive innovation and business growth. Other SAP partners and SME customers will also presented live demonstrations of their solutions.

Orchestra, LLC is excited to share the success of providing SAP’s enterprise level software to the small & midsize enterprise community through affordable SaaS cloud solutions. OrchestratedBEER OnDemand is built on the SAP Business One platform and is the first affordable SaaS offering for the smallest craft breweries.
Ryan Hilliard, CEO of Hilliard’s Beer, addressed questions from the media regarding why he chose OrchestratedBEER and why he was looking for software. Orchestra COO Reshad Kazimee, and CEO Brad Windecker presented a quick 5 minute overview of how Hilliard’s utilizes OrchestratedBEER to run its operations. The summit concluded with a beer tasting session with beer provided courtesy of Hilliard’s Brewery. Watch the OrchestratedBEER Session below: