The Best-Run Breweries, Run SAP

SAP has been the leading provider of enterprise software for many different industries. What most people don’t know is that SAP has been the leading provider of enterprise software for the brewery industry. With breweries like, The Boston Beer Company (Sam Adams), Molson Coors, Anheuser Busch, Beck & Co (Beck’s), and Carlsberg-Tetley (Carlsberg), SAP has been the vendor of choice for the Brewery Industry.

A recent study by SAP shows:

“150 Billion liters of beer are produced per year with SAP Software”

The OrchestraTeam has taken SAP Business One, which is SAP’s solution for small and midsized companies, and extended it for Craft Breweries. OrchestratedBEER is SAP for Craft Breweries.

A Centralized Brewery Solution

OrchestratedBEER is Craft Brewery solution that is built on the SAP Business One platform. The solution has been pre-configured for a Craft Brewery and includes functionality such as; inventory management, production management, recipe management, planning & forecasting, sales opportunity management, lab data management, purchase orders, sales orders, automated accounting, and more.

OrchestratedBEER was developed by the OrchestraTeam with the intentions to provide a single centralized solution for a Craft Brewery. Since many Craft Breweries use many different proprietary systems to manage there brewery, OrchestratedBEER is a solution that can replace many of the systems that are used in a breweries operations.

Inventory & Production

hoppersWith OrchestratedBEER, you can track all of your raw materials into finish goods. Check your inventory report to see how much hops you have left, or receive an alert when it is time to order more grain. There is no need to worry about when you might run out of grain in your silo. See how much your beer is actually costing you and control your variances. Know exactly how many bottles of beers are going to be made with the amount of raw materials on hand. With OrchestratedBEER, there is no need to run out of raw materials nor is there a need to worry if enough finish goods are going to be made.

Have you ever run out of a particular type of hops or malt just when you were about to start brewing?

Do you know how much beer you can make with what you currently have on-hand?

OrchestratedBEER helps ensure that you know the answers to these questions. The system provides real time inventory tracking that is integrated to your production and purchasing process. When you place an order for new raw materials, the system automatically updates the inventory quantities when those items are received. Once you’re ready to start brewing, the system will automatically remove items from inventory based upon the materials that you use while brewing. It will even track byproducts of the brewing process, like yeast production and spent grain.

Centralized Accounting

accountingWith OrchestratedBEER, you can get real time financial information so you can manage your cash flow accurately and easily. Create budgets for certain expense accounts and prevent over budgeted purchase orders from going through to the vendor. Receive an alert requesting management approval before your purchasing manager decides to make a large purchase of beer bottles. With OrchestratedBEER, there is no need to ever be in financial distress. Open a cold one while OrchestratedBEER ensures your cash flow and profitability at the end of the month.

Automated TTB Reporting

TTBWith OrchestratedBEER, you can print out any financial report you need to do taxes, evaluate performance, or view inventory. TTB reports and state Excise Tax reports will automatically be generated for you. All information is always up to date and in real time since you are using one comprehensive system for every brewery process. No need for double entry. As soon as you input information in one process, the entire system gets dynamically updated in real time. Using our report generator, you can have the answers within a click of the mouse or have your P&L automatically generated at the 1st of the month. With OrchestratedBEER, Sit back and have a beer while OrchestratedBEER reports it for you. There is no need for your CPA to spend multiple billable hours constructing financial reports. Buy your CPA a beer, because this will be the last time you spend money on him. Let OrchestratedBEER tell you how your business is doing.

Planning & Forecasting

PlanningWith OrchestratedBEER, you can plan production based on sales orders and forecasts. Keep your inventory levels at efficient stock levels and create manual forecasts to project demand. OrchestratedBEER will tell you how much beer to make and when to make it. If you don’t have the raw material ingredients in stock to make the beer, then OrchestratedBeer will tell you how much ingredients to order and when to order it. With OrchestratedBEER, there is no need to worry about not making enough beer. Sit back and open a cold one, because OrchestratedBEER will make sure you don’t run out of beer.

It is challenging enough to keep up with production demands. Using OrchestratedBEER, you can plan out your production schedule, and determine what resources you need to continue to produce the great beer that your customers want. You also have the ability to put in manual forecasts to reflect growth or seasonal demands. Run your 5 step MRP wizard to get a planning horizon table and order recommendations. Production orders and purchase orders will automatically be created as sales orders increase.

Sales Opportunities

With OrchestratedBEER, you can track all of your sales opportunities and see which leads have been contacted, to what extent they are within the sales process, when the last contact was made, what was said in the last contact and how much that customer is worth to you. Look at a Sales Pipeline report to see how much sales opportunity you have and accurately predict your upcoming sales. Receive alerts when a list of leads have not been contacted or followed up within in a specific period of time. Make sure that all your sales opportunities are being utilized. With OrchestratedBeer, there is no need to worry about your missed opportunities. Go ahead and put those beer goggles on, because OrchestratedBeer will never miss a opportunity for you.

It’s important for you to know what sales you’ve made, but it’s also important to know the impact of those sales on the rest of your business. Using OrchestratedBeer, you can check your sales forecast, anticipate your revenues, and plan your purchasing. You can also plan out your production schedule, and determine what resources you need to continue to produce the great beer that your customers want. Finally, tracking your sales over time can help you plan for future growth and expansion.

Understand where your company is at, where it’s going, and plan how to get there.

OrchestratedBEER- SAP for Craft Breweries