OBeer Version 3.0 releasedThe latest release of OrchestratedBEER™ is here! Version 3.0 is the most expansive release to date with 30 different feature updates and additions, 44 new and updated brewery-specific reports and 14 new and updated print layout.

Here’s a quick synopsis of notable changes:

New user interface

The first thing that you may notice with the OBeer™ 3.0 update is a new user interface which provides a more colorful visualization to help improve the user-experience. Although the new skin may be a small change to the appearance of OrchestratedBEER™ there are a significant number of feature updates and new functions behind the skin that takes OBeer™ 3.0 to the next level behind.

*Note: Select OrchestratedBEER™ Enterprise customers may have received the new user interface as part of a previous upgrade prior to OBeer™ 3.0.

New OrchestratedBEER brewery software interface

OBeer™ iPad Production app

The most anticipated module, now available in OBeer™ 3.0, is the OBeer™ iPad Production app. The native IOS iPad app which can be downloaded through the iTunes store, allows OrchestratedBEER™ users to execute planned production orders through a new iPad user interface. This new iPad user interface extends the OBeer™ brew, cellar and packaging worksheets out to the brewery floor.

OBeer mobile brewery software production

Digital production schedules on any device – Updated Production Scheduler

One of the biggest improvements in 3.0 was to our new “mobile connector” that now allows you to display your entire production schedule in your brew house on a flat screen smart TV, iPad or Android device instead of bulky whiteboards and post-it notes. View what’s being scheduled by process or by style – it’s completely customizable.

This new development uses gestures or the remote to rearrange orders. Any changes made on the screen automatically syncs back to the OrchestratedBEER™ application in real time. Your production schedule is no longer restricted to the desktop display hidden in the back room.

Refer to the blog post titled: “Brewery Production Scheduling on Any Device” for details

OBeer updated production scheduler


Scheduler on an iPad

New digital clipboard – Brew sheet & Cellar Sheet

The updated brew sheet and cellar sheets were designed to replace the clipboards and spread sheets used in the brew house. The updated brew sheet includes individual tabs for wort, green beer and a Brew Progress Chart so you can stay up to date on the gritty details of all those production orders from a centralized screen.New OrchestratedBEER brew sheet

  • New user interface
  • Production order status column
  • Batch numbers
  • MPN column
  • Yeast fields (crop, ID, Gen, Tank)
  • Planned Quantities
  • Dynamic Timing

Track Granular Packaging QC Metrics

You’ll likely have various packages processed from a bright tank which is where this screen comes in handy. We’ve created an entirely new screen to enter packaging QC data. This screen goes beyond the data normally entered on a production order and is designed to capture and associate packaging data with the production orders they came from.

The screenshot below illustrates how granular you can get tracking packaging metrics such as:

• Bright tank data (CO2 ,PSI, Temps, Start & end volumes)
• Kegging data
• Kegging checklists
• Production order data

Packaging QC metrics in OrchestratedBEER

Manage, Track and Schedule Yeast Generations

Yeast Scheduling allows you to see all batches of beer in fermenters that can be used as a source of yeast on brews, and then to select a source, linking it to the brewing production order. The selected yeast source then shows up on the Brew Sheet for the brewers to see.

brewery software to track and manage yeast generations

Bring back an old beer recipe (BOM Revision)

Ever wanted to bring back an old recipe? The BOM revision keeps track of your recipe history in case you want to bring back that legendary brew for a one-off batch. When you make a significant change, OBeer™ assigns the new version a new number, keeps a copy of the old version in a history table, and captures all the info about who made the change and when.

Real-time brewery sales orders

The latest advancements to the OBeer™ sales orders now include new predictive measures like total weight and estimated pallet spots based on the makeup of the sales order. This is especially useful for breweries that self-distribute so they know how much pallet room they’ll need on the truck based outstanding sales orders

real-time brewery softwaresales order management

OrchestratedBEER™ is now the only brewery management software system on the market with a mobile application that’s tied to real-time accounting transactions and inventory levels. Stay tuned for future posts which will address the latest brewery reports package also available in OrchestratedBEER™ 3.0.