OrchestratedBEER is moving to a new office location to accommodate a growing workforce and increasing customer base.

Perviously located in the industrial district of NW Portland, OrchestratedBEER develops brewery management software for the craft beer industry.  Our brewery management software enables breweries to run more efficiently by centralizing their entire business processes into a single software application, including accounting, inventory, sales, purchasing and production planning.

New OfficeThe five-year-old software company has grown its team from just seven employees in 2011 to 15 full time employees as of May 2013, with the goal of hiring several more before the end of the year. The new hires were in response to the recent influx of customers signing on with OrchestratedBEER.

With nearly 50 brewery customers now using the software, we wanted to increase our workforce to accommodate the demands of future growth by building up the development, services, and support teams.  Our new developers will be working on a number of new modules for OrchestratedBEER, including an iPad application to manage the production process in a brewery.

With the addition of the new employees also came the need for larger office space options to accommodate the recent growth. Orchestra considered several Downtown Portland options before selecting a 5,200 square foot office space at the Cornell Oaks Corporate Center located just 10 miles west of downtown Portland.

The decision to relocate outside of the Portland city limits was based on the desire for closer proximity to Portland’s “Silicon Forest”, a nickname for the cluster of high-tech companies located in the Portland metropolitan area between Beaverton and Hillsboro. The area is home to companies like Intel, Hewlett-Packard, Xerox and InFocus.

The new location provides a thriving business park that will allow the growing software company to rub shoulders with other successful tech companies, and perhaps provide a fresh talent pool of qualified tech candidates for future positions.

“This move marks a new milestone for Orchestra…” said Orchestra VP, Reshad Kazimee. “We’ve simply outgrown our current space. Even though we were lucky enough to acquire some of the adjacent offices in our old building, we’ve maxed out our current space so the need for a larger, centralized space is inevitable.”

Orchestra’s previous building arrangements were spread out over several adjoining suites, which often hindered collaboration efforts on past cross-departmental projects. “We needed a place where everyone could share knowledge and information easily in an open environment.” added Kazimee.

Orchestra’s new space includes six private offices around the building’s perimeter, with a large open space in the center that will encourage collaboration and team efforts. “Even though we were all under the same roof in our old building, this new setup will be better for us and for our customers.  There are fewer walls and barriers to hinder collaboration efforts as well.”

The move marks a milestone for Orchestra in more ways than one: “Having a solid brewery management software solution with a customer base of around 50 brewery customers is also another notable milestone for Orchestra. The next chapter for Orchestra and OrchestratedBEER involves taking our solution to the next level by creating even more value, which allows us to appeal to the rest of the brewery industry.”