2013 was a great year for OrchestratedBEER. We more than doubled our customer base to over 70 customers comprised of more than 300 users. We’re also growing internally as a company, adding 9 new employees and dedicating 100% of our attention to the Craft Beer industry to help with the growth. At last count, OrchestratedBEER customers now produce nearly 1 million barrels of beer on a yearly basis. To put that in perspective, about 10% of the total craft beer produced in the U.S. is made by breweries utilizing OrchestratedBEER brewery software.

Brewing62013 also marked our second annual user conference with 60+ attendees from all over the country. We finished developing a mobile packaging app, rolled out 23 new brewery reports, released OBeer version 2.0 and launched our OBeer user forum for customers to interact. These are just a few of the factors that make OrchestratedBEER the best brewery management software packages on the market.

There are other brewery software companies out there, but if you do your research, talk to our customers and evaluate the alternatives, you’ll arrive at the same conclusion as the 72 other “Orchestrated” breweries: OrchestratedBEER IS the premier solution.

What makes OrchestratedBEER different?

We’re 100% invested in the craft beer industry, so you can talk to us about wort, dry hopping, specific gravity or barrel equivalents and we’ll know what you are talking about. We realized a long time ago that if you want a software system to work properly for the craft beer industry, you need to dedicate 100% of your time and resources to that industry instead of trying to customize a manufacturing software package to fit a brewery.

We have nearly 20 employees all sourced locally here in the Portland, Oregon region working under the same roof to ensure a quality product, support and dedication to the craft beer industry. We are proud to say that OrchestratedBEER is 100% supported and “Made in the USA” in one of the nations Craft Beer capitals. There’s a reason why we don’t outsource. As members of the craft beer industry, our customers recognize the importance of using quality ingredients in their award winning beers. Likewise, we recognize the importance of having quality “ingredients” in our product and services. Our “ingredients” being the team working hard to make OrchestratedBEER what it is today.

OrchestratedBEER is a customer centric solution. We listen to customer feedback whether it’s through the user forum, weekly conference calls or informal discussions at our annual user conference. We understand that while software may never be perfect, we’re willing to listen and work in requests and functionality into future versions of the software. Here’s an example of how we took a customer request and implemented it.

The Future of OrchestratedBEER

We’re here to stay and will continue to grow. We accomplished our goal of doubling our customer base last year and our goals for the future are to have 215 customers by the end of 2015, and 1,000 customer by the end of 2020. It’s not far-fetched if you take a look at our customers and how they have benefited from using OrchestratedBEER software. OBeer is the solution to help breweries optimize efficiencies, track costs and automate most of the tedious back office work.

The future of the craft beer industry is very promising and we can accomplish this goal by harnessing the scalable power of the cloud to provide an affordable all-in-one brewery software solution. OrchestratedBEER is not just software, it’s a community of successful breweries of all sizes striving together to solve complicated brewery business problems. Watch the demo below or a customer testimonial to learn more: