Here’s a look back at the big events of 2013:

January 2013

Firestone Walker Provided @ SAP’s FKOM Event in Vegas
OrchestratedBEER Customer Firestone Walker Brewing Company will be providing 25 cases each of its Pale 31, Double Barrel Ale and Union Jack IPA for SAP’s Field Kick-Off Meeting (FKOM) at the Venetian Palazzo Congress Center in Las Vegas, January 22nd–24th.  With more than 5,000 SAP employees and ecosystem partners in attendance, it is one of the largest SAP events in North America. The FKOM event provides great exposure for Firestone Walker and craft beer to a demographic that may have little exposure to the world of craft beer.

February 2013

OrchestratedBEER Goes Global w/ Canadian Partnership
Orchestra is proud to announce new partnerships with local Canadian partners who will provide the OrchestratedBEER brewery software solution to breweries throughout the Canadian provinces.

OBeer launches new Customer Forum
OrchestratedBEER is proud to have finally launched its customer feedback forum provided by Get Satisfaction. This is something we’ve been talking about for some time now and it’s definitely satisfying to finally have a fully functioning forum for our customers.

March 2013

OBeer Extends Global Network w/ 2nd Canada Partner
OrchestratedBEER is proud to announce its latest partnership with Encaptis, a fellow SAP Gold Partner Based in Vancouver, B.C. With six offices located throughout Canada, Encaptis provides business management software implementation services by incorporating best-in-class Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions.

April 2013

OrchestratedBEER Exhibits at CBC
FIVE breweries joined the growing OrchestratedBEER community by signing up with our OnDemand cloud-based offering. We sweetened the deal even more by giving away a free iPad mini to all 5 breweries that signed up at CBC.

OBeer launches New Production Scheduler
OrchestratedBEER’s long-awaited production scheduler is finally here. This new core feature will soon be rolled out to all current and future OBeer customers and allows users to visualize and schedule production orders on a calendar just like in Gmail.

QuickBooks for Breweries: Good or Bad?
QuickBooks is by far one of the best off-the-shelf bookkeeping software systems available for small businesses and personal finance.  So it’ll work perfect for a brewery too, right? Not so fast.

New OrchestratedBEER Packaging App
The first draft designs of our new brewery software mobile packaging and production app are here – and it’s going to revolutionize the way OrchestratedBEER customers use our software. “We’re changing the way breweries do business…” commented Brad Windecker, Orchestra’s President, during OBeer’s monthly all-hands meeting. Brad unveiled the initial design concepts for the OrchestratedBEER packaging app that will provide real-time communication of production orders between management and production line employees.

May 2013

Why the Best Breweries Run OrchestratedBEER
With all the brewery management software solutions on the market today, how do you decide on the right fit for your brewery?
Behind every great, award-winning craft brewery there’s a well-oiled business machine. They use the finest ingredients, use the best equipment, streamline operations and employ the most talented brewers to keep those gold medals coming.  The best craft breweries also use OrchestratedBEER brewery management software to run more efficiently on the business side.

Why We Partner Vs. Outsource
As OrchestratedBEER continues to gain popularity and our customer list continues to grow, we’re often asked if we outsource development overseas. Other brewery software companies do it but there are multiple reasons why we never will.

How Brewery Software Makes Your Job Easier
If you’re thinking of starting a brewery in the near future, or maybe you own, consult or work at an existing brewery – big or small, you should consider ways to work smarter, not harder. Brewery management software is one way to help automate business processes to make your job easier.

Here’s a checklist of some ways brewery management software can automate processes and make your job easier:

The Transition from QuickBooks to Brewery Software
We’ve developed a 5-step turn-key implementation plan for transitioning breweries from systems like QuickBooks, custom databases and spreadsheets, to OrchestratedBEER brewery software. We walk you through all the steps to make sure you utilize the full power and potential of brewery software. Here’s how it works:

OrchestratedBEER Expands to New Office Space
With the addition of the new employees also came the need for larger office space options to accommodate recent growth. Orchestra considered several Downtown Portland options before selecting a 5,200 square foot office space at the Cornell Oaks Corporate Center located just 10 miles west of downtown Portland.

June 2013

How OnDemand Standardization Works
How we utilize spreadsheet templates to simplify the process of transition from QuickBooks to the OnDemand environment.

OrchestratedBEER Surpasses 50 Brewery Customers
We’ve just hit another milestone by surpassing 50 craft brewery customers as of June. 56 breweries have now joined the OrchestratedBEER community. That means 14% of the top 50 regional craft breweries in the U.S. are now using OrchestratedBEER to manage their business processes.

July 2013

New Version of OnDemand Released
All current OnDemand brewery customers were automatically updated to the newest version of OrchestratedBEER software, which features the newest version of the drag and drop production scheduler. This new version will dramatically improve the way breweries schedule and plan production on a daily, monthly or weekly basis.

August 2013

OnDemand 2.0 Released
The latest version of OnDemand included a number of updates and new features including: Express production, new batch numbering methodology, production scheduler and an updated packaging sheet

October 2013

Brewery Production Process Demo
The latest edition to our demo recording library addresses the production processes of a brewery and how brewery specific software can help. This video starts out with a quick 3D overview of how production is handled in OrchestratedBEER from a higher level.

OrchestratedBEER Customers Win Big at GABF
In honor of our trend-setting, award winning customers, here’s a list of OrchestratedBEER customers who brought back some hardware from the 2013 GABF in Denver.
OrchestratedBEER customers combined for a total of 27 medals from 13 different breweries!

Labor & Overhead in the Production Process
How do breweries account for labor & overhead in the production process? We get this question a lot from our customers so we’re taking the answer directly from our community forum and sharing it with the rest of the craft beer community.

How to Manage Beer Recipes using Brewery Software
OrchestratedBEER tracks your recipes digitally from start to finish. There are multiple processes that occur when creating a batch of beer so you need to be able to track those steps and account for what materials are being consumed and which lot of hops or malt you used along the way.

November 2013

2013 User Conference
The 2013 OBeer User conference was a tremendous success. We had more than 60 attendees from 22 different breweries from as far away as Eastern Canada in attendance. So, here’s a quick re-cap and a few photos in case you missed out.

December 2013

New Videos – How Breweries are Using OBeer Software
We talked to 6 different breweries from startups like MadTree in Ohio to regional giants like Avery Brewing and Firestone Walker. They all had great things to say about OBeer in addition to some very useful feedback that we’ll be factoring in future releases. Here’s a sample of what they had to say: