Quick Profile

Our Company:
Orchestra, LLC

What we do:
We develop, add on to and customize SAP’s entry-level product platform called Business One, specifically for the craft brewing industry. We take a generic, world-renown ERP business management platform and develop additional functionality for the brewing industry.

Our Product:

Our Platform:
SAP Business One

Where we’re based:
Portland, OR (aka Beervana)

14 and growing. (Our workforce has more than doubled since July 2011)

Featured Customers:
Firestone Walker, Heavy Seas (Clipper City Brewing), Schlafly (The St. Louis Brewery) See all customers

How we Support You:
Our entire workforce is based out of Portland, Oregon. We don’t outsource our support. If you have any issue you’ll talk to one of our very knowledgeable, courteous support technicians who are SAP certified, which means they had to pass a rigid SAP examination. Needless to say, you’re going to be talking to an OrchestratedBEER expert if you ever run into trouble or can’t remember how to do something or can’t find that button.

About the Software Platform:

As mentioned earlier, OrchestratedBEER is built on SAP’s entry-level platform called Business One. The macro-breweries like Anheuser-Busch, Heineken, Molson-Coors, Samuel Adams, Carlsberg and Guinness all run SAP using their largest product called all-in-one (Formerly known as R/3). This product is designed for massive manufacturing operations with thousands of users producing 1,000,000+ bbls a year. They also paid millions for this implementation. Obviously the craft brewing industry would not need to implement software of this magnitude, which is why we chose Business One as our platform.

What it does:

OrchestratedBEER is Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software which means it has everything you need to run your brewery including:

Production Management:

Bill of Materials (BOM), Quality Control & Recipe Management: Producing beer is obviously the first step in the process of brewing great beer – at least from the software’s perspective. Full production management capabilities include bill of materials and recipe management. We also have the ability to capture quality control measures like lab data, specific gravity, PH levels, and all critical data related to a specific brew directly on the production order within the software. Production details

Real-time Inventory Management:

Raw materials used in production are subtracted automatically from your inventory so you always have accurate information. View real-time inventory levels; what’s in-stock, what’s committed production or sales orders, what’s on-order and what’s available. Track raw ingredients input and finished goods output. Inventory Details

GAAP Compliant Accounting & Financial Management;

The core functionality of the software revolves around its centralized accounting functionality that is built into the software. No integrating with third-party accounting software unlike other solutions. Any and all transactions feed automatically right into the accounting module’s chart of accounts.

1 Brewery, 1 Software: With a centralized accounting platform, you can manage all brewery processes directly in your chart of accounts. Manage your cash flow, production variances, inventory, sales, purchases and fixed assets from a financial perspective from a single piece of software. Accounting Details

Material Requirements Planning (MRP):

Create daily, weekly or monthly forecasts. The MRP wizard walks you through a step-by-step process intended to help you make decisions and make recommendations based on the materials you need in order to meet demands. You can also create production orders based on the recommendations created by the wizard. MRP Details

Automated TTB Reporting:

TTB Reporting: How many hours do you spend filling out the TTB reports? Generate the f51309 Brewer’s Report of Operations as well as excise tax reports with the click of a button. The software pulls all the necessary data into the appropriate fields of the forms so you can print, or send your forms via e-mail directly from the software. Reporting Details

Supply Chain Management (SCM):

Full supply chain management functionality allows the user to create a purchase quotation for raw materials which then gets processed as a purchase order. Once the materials have been received into stock, employees in the warehouse can then process a goods receipt PO and receive it into inventory. At this point the PO is sent to the accounting users which process the final step of the process as an AP invoice. All these steps can be viewed in a relationship map to help visualize the process. SCM Details

Sales Management:

Now that you’ve produced your beer, you have to manage the selling process. The software manages the selling of beer much like it does in the purchasing process starting with the Sales quotation, then a sales order (which commits inventory). The next step is the delivery note which is then processed in accounting as an A/R invoice. Once again, just like the other modules in the software, all processes involved with making and selling your beer are tracked automatically in the background with the centralized accounting core. Sales Details

Customer Relationship Management (CRM):

OrchestratedBEER’s CRM functionality replaces your third-party CRM software such as With opportunity and pipeline management, detailed graphs and alerts, forecasting and lead-to-quotation, and logging activities, it does everything salesforce does and more. It even integrates with Outlook. CRM Details

Mobile Apps:

You can extend the software’s functionality to an iPhone, iPad or Blackberry with the mobile app add-on. The app’s main functionality is creating sales orders and viewing dashboards related to product performance. You don’t have to have an active internet connection in order to process activities, you cn continue working and sync up any changes up to the server once you have access to internet or a wi-fi connection. See Mobile App

Things to Consider:

How many pieces of software do you use to manage your brewery?
We have surveyed multiple breweries in the past asking this question and the answer is usually the same – 3 to 4 different systems. Our software is an all-in-one solution that replaces all third-party systems with one centralized solution

How much time do you spend managing accounting, software and non-beer-related issues?
If you’re like most small breweries, you spend a vast amount of time on issues outside of your expertise. You should be spending time on what you do best: brewing great beer. OrchestratedBEER makes your brewery run better by automating processes which free up time for you to concentrate more on brewing.

Contact us or watch one of our webinars to learn more about how OrchestratedBEER can help your brewery run moree efficiently and help you save money in the long run.