OBeer New ReleaseThe release of OrchestratedBEER Version 3.5 is here! Following the success of the expansive updates in Version 3.0, 3.5 has added new features, simplified existing processes and improved performance all around. Here’s a summary of what OBeer users can look forward to:

New wizards & features

In OrchestratedBEER 3.5 users can now seamlessly blend two batches of beer, streamline the creation of a new brand in a few simple steps and other functional improvements to help make OBeer easier to use. Examples of these new features & improvements include:

  • Brand Creation Wizard

Since breweries are constantly adding new brands and experimental beers it can be a pain to track and account for costs and inventory levels on the business side. We solved that problem with the Brand Creation Wizard, which is a comprehensive setup tool to guide the user through each step of the process of creating a new brand. The wizard will create the new beer items, define the processes, and create a templated Bill of Materials (BOMs) using a step-by-step wizard.

OBeer Brand Creation Wizard


  • Tank Blending

Tank blending is a rather common practice, not just for merging two of the same kind of beer, but even two different brands. The new Tank blending function in OBeer is now incredibly simple, allowing you to merge two different brands or two of the same brand of beer together in a single tank. You can also view the history of tank blends at any time.

OBeer Tank Blending on Cellar worksheet


OBeer Tank Blending on Cellar worksheet2

  • Express Dissassembly for production orders

This addition was critical for so many users because of the mistakes often made when planning production orders. The benefit of an all-in-one system is that what you plan in production effects every aspect of the business from inventory and sales to accounting and scheduling. That being said, our users needed an easier way to “undo” mistakes made when creating production orders and reverse all those transactions that happen automatically behind the scenes and in real time.

This solution takes any production order that has been processed and reverses the transaction. To keep linkage and TTB reporting accurate, the express disassembly function uses the standard OBeer process, but does it for you behind the scenes including assigning the appropriate batch IDs.

Simply open the production order in question, right-click your mouse in the top portion and select Disassemble. Damage undone. Yup… it’s that easy.

OBeer Dissassembly production order

  • Plan multiple production orders (Build Production Run)

This functionality allows the user to quickly and easily plan multiple production orders simultaneously. The Build Production Run functionality has expanded on the capabilities of the Production Order Creation Wizard. With this new functionality, you can plan multiple production runs, change the default displayed data, and plan from wort to bright beer or bright beer to wort. OBeer Build Production Run

  • New & improved TTB reporting – Multi locations, Alternating proprietorships

The new TTB report included in the latest OBeer 3.5 release added the ability to support alternating proprietorships, multiple brewing locations and contract brewing – something that no other brewery software on the market can provide. So, if your brewery engages in any of the 3 activities mentioned above, OrchestratedBEER is the only option available on the market for a truly integrated TTB reporting system that can accurately report data no matter how complicated your scenario. Additions and improvements to the new TTB include:

  1. Handles multiple proprietors, entities & locations
  2. Increased control of where items report – Flag an item to determine where it reports in TTB
  3. Easier error checking reduces errors – Cell highlights invalid values & out of balance
  4. Produced by Fermentation Stages (for Contract Brewers) – Handles both Green Beer and Bright Beer PbF
  5. Uses active connection – Can pull data from LIVE or TEST databases

New OBeer TTB report supports alternating proprietorships, locations


New Reports

More than 25 new brewery-specific reports including:

  • Available to Promise Report
  • Product Yield Summary
  • 7 new QC reports
  • Added Profit and Loss Report utilizing EBITDA logic
  • Various purchasing reports

OrchestratedBEER QC Chart analysis - Batch QC     OrchestratedBEER available to promise report

The nearly 100 OBeer specific reports are readily available out of the box in OBeer and equipped with help links to an OBeer online knowledge base that provides users with instant access to answers to the most frequently asked questions before they are even asked.

The future of OrchestratedBEER is to take every interface, every screen, every function, and every process to an iPad application as long as it makes sense. You obviously won’t be performing accounting functions like reconciliations and on the brewery floor, but we plan to automate, streamline and simplify all those tedious brewing related processes to replace the spreadsheets, clipboards and manual data entry.

The best way to see how OrchestratedBEER will benefit your brewery in a real world scenario is to attend our weekly online demonstrations held every Thursday at Noon PST/ 3PM EST.  REGISTER HERE