Orchestrated Services University : Week Two


Orchestrated Beer Implementation

It’s another week of Orchestrated Services University, and this week we’re taking a deeper dive into the system overview.

For the rest of the implementation process we will be following along with Spiral Brewing, located in Hastings, Minnesota. Amy, their president and operations manager, plus Luke, their brewer, are on track to be Spiral’s two OBeer users.

As far as the implementation schedule is concerned, the next 6-weeks will be fairly consistent for the brewery. Each week will have webinars, one-on-one video chats with their consultant, accompanying training videos, and hands on experience by utilizing labs in the software.

Week two of the process gives users hands on in the software for the first time. Each week has a live webinar hosted by a member of the services team. It allows for a overview of what the week will look like, and enables these future OBeer users to ask questions in a more classroom like setting, as they are sitting in on a webinar with other breweries that are also on the same implementation track.

Every week also includes a one-on-one video call with the consultant, diving deeper into the information and allowing for specific questions and hands on training. With a week of work in preparation for the end result of going live, it is easy to tell the software is quickly being understood. Luke from Spiral took the reins of this call, being the one to share his screen and navigate through the basics of the software.

While the consultants are dealing first-person with their breweries, all of us currently enrolled at Orchestrated Services University meet weekly to address any questions we have with the software – it’s essentially our own one-on-one call. It allows employees to get a better understanding of what breweries are going through when undertaking an implementation track. It also allows those in #OServicesU to give honest feedback to the services team on how the implementation process is going.

And just like that, week two is now complete. Join us next week as we dive into the purchasing functions of OBeer and as we get to know a little more about the team at Spiral Brewing!