Orchestrated Services University : Week Three

Spiral Brewery implements OBeer

It’s week three of Orchestrated Services University, and now that the basics are out of the way, we shifted our focused to purchasing. The first step of our journey to “Deliver Value Grain to Glass.”

This week we dove into purchasing, covering everything from purchase orders to A/P invoices and everything in between. OBeer allows you to track anything and everything that enters and leaves the brewery. Just like the previous 2 weeks, this week contained a webinar, training videos and a one-on-one video call with a consultant to ensure everyone understands all the features of the software.

One of the features that sets OBeer apart is the ability to relate purchase orders all the way through an A/P invoice. This allows you to view a series of purchasing steps on a relationship map and make sure what was ordered has been brought into stock and paid for. In the rare case that you were to be audited, OrchestratedBEER is GAAP compliant, meaning there is a clear back trace of all your records – everything is accounted for. This means that transactions cannot be cancelled without a written record of that deletion history. So in the chance you were to get audited, they would have a clear record of what actually happened.

This week Spiral Brewery really got to know the purchasing process, which will help them order their first batch of beer ingredients. They will be going live on OBeer at the beginning of February, just about the same time they expect to be brewing.

Next week we will talk beer with Spiral Brewery, when we dive into production week, as the implementation with Spiral Brewing hits the halfway point.

Featured image from Spiral Brewery.