Orchestrated Services University: Week Seven

It’s the final week before ‘Go-Live’ at Orchestrated Services University. Over the course of implementation, we have closely followed Spiral Brewing, but the February Go-Live class is more than just Spiral. In week one we discussed other breweries headed for a similar go-live. Common Bond Brewing, Mantra Artisan Ales, and Temperance Brewing are all aiming to be live in the software next week.

Before ‘Go-Live,’ there is one final step to prepare the breweries and one final step at #OServicesU, financials. It’s a large part of what OrchestratedBEER is built on and something necessary in the day-to-day processes of a brewery.

Unlike other software platforms made for breweries, all accounting is done in OBeer, making it your single source of the truth for the brewery. The software handles everything from purchase orders to outgoing payments, production orders to packaged beer production, and sales orders to incoming payments. One of the big questions from most breweries tends to be about a point of sale system. OBeer has a point of sale import, so you can easily import your tasting room sales once configured. OBeer will even calculate pours from a tank, enabling you to keep track of inventory.

Once the financials are laid out, it’s time to get ready for the transition to going live. For the past few weeks, breweries have been working in a test database. The database holds all of their actual brewery information including vendors, raw materials, and recipes, just to name a few. With the transition next week, they will officially switch over to their actual database.

The seven weeks leading up to go-live has flown by and with the training now under everyone’s belt, we’re already. Next week we be there with Common Bond Brewing as they go live. Breweries will continue to have two months of stabilization services, however next week will be graduation for Orchestrated Services University. Head back next week to follow along as our breweries go live.