Orchestrated Services University

Orchestrated Beer Implementation

Week One : Kick Off

Last week we gave you an introduction to Orchestrated Services University; this week we are introducing you to the four breweries on track to go live in February! It’s now officially kick off week here at Orchestrated and this week the implementation team is kicking off the 8-week tracks for Spiral Brewing in Minnesota, Common Bond Brewing in Alabama, Mantra Artisan Ales in Tennessee, and Temperance Brewing in Illinois.

Kick off week starts with a video call for the brewery, initiated by their implementation specialist. It gives the consultant an opportunity to learn more about the brewery and to learn the expectations the brewery has for Orchestrated Beer.

This week, the entire Orchestrated Services University class sat in on the kick off call with Common Bond Brewing. A new brewery, opening in early 2018 in Montgomery, Alabama. The owner Andrew McNally explained that Common Bond stems from the bonds and relationships he has made in the beer industry, as well as the bond people feel over sharing a beer, while giving a nod to his professional background in chemistry.

This week’s call was just an overview of what is to be expected during the 8-week implementation cycle.

#OServicesU wrapped up week one with a weekly meeting to recap our experiences from the week, as well as ask any questions that we might have in order to better understand the software and any questions that could help better relate to and improve the clients experience.

With the kick off week done, we will be back next week with Spiral Brewing, as they dive into the core configuration and a system overview.