Orchestrated Services University : Week Four

OrchestratedBeer Implementation

We’re half way through the implementation process at Orchestrated Services University. This week focuses on production, and since it’s such a huge process for any brewery, we’ve spread it over 2 weeks.

Every stage of production is tracked through OBeer, with each process broken down into individual steps. This provides detailed tracking and reporting along the way.

The software allows you to thoroughly pre-plan a recipe before sending it to production. Recipes are created within the software as a Bill of Materials, so you consistently know what’s typically required for a given beer brand. Looking to create a one-off or a different version of the beer? The software has you covered there as well, allowing for a one-off change to the production order before you brew. You can also create multiple versions of a beer. If you are looking to create a special blueberry version of your honey pale every spring, you simply create a different version, which is linked back to the original bill of materials and lives under versions of the original recipe.

Of course, there are a lot of steps in the brewing process, which is where the wizard comes in. The production wizard allows you to pre-plan all the steps of your production order, yet done as a single process that completes each step that would normally have to be done individually. So, say you want to pre-plan a month or a week of brews at a time, the wizard allows you to quickly create all the production orders you need.

All of your production steps populate in a calendar, providing a quick view of what you can expect, what’s planned, and what’s expected to be done that day. The calendar includes an intuitive drag and drop functionality. This means if something unexpected occurs delaying a brew, like a snow storm, you can easily drag the production order and it will shift everything associated with that order. It’s a handy feature that allows for a quick process change, and easily shifts your production schedule in order to keep everything on track.

We are halfway through Orchestrated Services University as we continue to shadow our friends at Spiral Brewery. Spiral is scheduled to “go live” on the software just as they complete their first batch in their new brewery. Since they are a start-up implementing OBeer, they have the added benefit of starting with a “clean slate”. Every aspect of their brewery will be accounted for within the software from Day 1.

Next week will take a deeper dive into production and actually go through the process of brewing a beer in OBeer.

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