Orchestrated Services University

Class is in Session

Yesterday kicked off Orchestrated Services University! It’s a program that allows Orchestra employees, from any department, to immerse themselves in the 8-week client track with a brewery that is beginning to implement Orchestrated Beer.

Every student at Orchestrated Services University is assigned to shadow a brewery that is about to begin the implementation process. This allows for hands-on experience with OBeer’s project management tools, in-depth interaction with the services team, and an understanding of what it’s like to implement Orchestrated Beer in a brewery.

We invite you to follow along over the course of the next eight weeks, as we take you behind the scenes on the process of going live with OBeer at a brewery. You can watch the whole process unfold on social media by following us on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, or by checking out the #OServicesU hashtag. Don’t forget to come back every Monday to this blog for a weekly recap on the implementation process and a behind the scenes look at Orchestrated Services University!