Orchestrate 2017 Recap

More than 350 players from breweries all over the world descended on Portland for Orchestrate 2017, in order to level up their OrchestratedBEER game.

The 3-day conference, now in its 6th year, gave users the opportunity to attend 60+ industry sessions. The sessions included detailed classes on better utilizing and understanding the software, ‘Ask the Expert’ sessions, feedback jams, and a variety of guest speakers who are users currently implementing the software in their own breweries, all aimed at helping users level up their game.

Orchestra CEO, Brad Windecker, delivered the opening keynote with a focus on the outlook of OrchestratedBEER and the future intention to “deliver value, grain to glass.”

Level Up

Before the official conference kick off, users were able to opt into full-day pre-conference classes, which took place on Monday and Tuesday. These classes dove deep into a variety of topics within OBeer and allowed users access to in-depth, in-person classes like never before.

Orchestrate 2017

The conference then officially kicked off on Wednesday featuring industry keynotes, a variety of sessions aimed to help users get the most out of OBeer, and on-site ‘pods’, that allowed users access to in-person help for all things pertaining to the software.

After an opening day filled with keynotes, user sessions and an exhibitor hour, the evening concluded with a chance for users to share a beer with other breweries and other industry insiders at the Orchestrate Welcome Reception. With hundreds of breweries, cideries, distillers and kombucha makers in attendance, it allowed users to network with other active OBeer users across the globe.

Bonus Level – Looking to the Future

“We’re listening. We’re improving. We’re shaping the future,” Windecker again outlined plans to drive the future of OBeer.

One of the future visions included a demo of how OBeer will deal with the ever-changing future of technology, with voice commands prompting Amazon’s Alexa. With the integration of Alexa, the intelligent personal assistant, access to many aspects of OBeer will become accessible by voice control by simply saying, “Hey Alexa, open OBeer.”

Another feature that was widely buzzed about by current users is the option of live chat, coming to the support site in 2018. It gives users the opportunity to chat with a support member to help answer questions in real time.

In addition to specific features looking to be rolled out in the future, Windecker discussed the future of the product roadmap. With OBeer offering the opportunity to connect all aspects of the brewing business, with the vision of creating a path to achieve the mission of customer success and leveling up your business.

Level Cleared

It’s clear that OBeer is looking forward to continuing to level up in the future, with Windecker driving home the point that “OBeer improves the way you do business, and your feedback drives success.”

We can’t wait to see you at Orchestrate 2018!