A scenic 45-minute drive east of our offices takes you to Full Sail Brewing Company overlooking the beautiful Columbia River gorge. We recently paid a visit to Full Sail, (one of the largest OrchestratedBEER™ customers) to show the Full Sail production and packaging crew the latest OBeer™ iPad packaging app and later join Full Sail Brewmaster Jamie Emmerson out on the Full Sail brew pub deck to discuss the latest innovations in the beer and wine industry.

The panel was put on by the local Gorge Tech Alliance and Technology Association of Oregon to align the technology sector with the beer and wine industry. In attendance were a good mix of representatives from local tech companies, wineries, cideries, and of course, craft breweries.

Topics of the day included everything from what new technology was available to how small companies are utilizing the same OBeer™ cloud software as the big guys like Full Sail to manage growth in the business.

“Technology HAS to be simple otherwise nobody is going to use it.”

The highlight of the evening was how technological innovations like iPads and tablets are making daily brewing and packaging duties easier. Technology HAS to be simple; otherwise nobody is going to use it. That’s where the new iPad comes in. It used to be that the guys in a brewhouse would write everything down on a clipboard, manually count what’s going in & out, then enter that into QuickBooks or spreadsheets at the end of the day.

Now with the OBeer™ packaging app, employees tap twice on a tablet to make the inventory transactions and notify the guys in the back office taking care of the accounting. Technology has now become simple and affordable enough that it has already replaced clipboards and spreadsheets in breweries across the U.S. Many of our brewery customers have dumped the brewing spreadsheets for better technology. We’ll continue to see that trend continue as an increasing number of “Orchestrated Breweries” take advantage of these innovations to continue simplifying and streamlining brewery operations.

Since Full Sail Brewing Co started running OrchestratedBEER™ in early 2013, there have been several improvements and advancements to the software, with the iPad being one of them. Full Sail Brewmaster Jamie Emmerson commented on how the new iPad will improve Full Sail’s efficiency on a daily basis:

“…typically what happened was you would run all our pallets, brewing 1,000 barrels of beer, running all those pallets up over the

course of the day and a guy counts the pallets up – so he ends the day with 105 pallets and 42 cases and at the end of the day his supervisor goes in and gets on the computer screens and physically adds everything to inventory regardless if it got shipped out or not. And this way, the inventory is added in real time because the guy hits this button when he moves his pallet – so all of a sudden it’s real-time production. The end-user is doing the data entry, not his supervisor – so what you get is a supervisor actually supervising and not data entry – it’s pretty cool.”
“…the inventory is added in real time because the guy hits this button when he moves his pallet – so all of a sudden it’s real-time production.” – Jamie Emmerson

The packaging app is just a glimpse of what the future of brewery software looks like for OrchestratedBEER™. Designs for a complete production and inventory app are already in the works. That means all scheduling and creation of production orders as well as tracking QC data will all take place on an iPad mounted on a pole in the brew house or QC lab. Count on it being simple, fast, the first of its kind as well as the best brewery-specific software solution on the market. That’s the OrchestratedBEER™ difference.