Around this time last year we were celebrating our 100th brewery customer milestone. Fast forward a year later and we find ourselves surpassing another milestone of 1000 individual OBeer users. Now with more than 200 breweries across the US, Canada and the UK, there are 1100+ users logging into OBeer on a daily basis instead of generic bookkeeping software, web applications, spreadsheets and other disparate systems.

So why are an increasing number of breweries selecting OBeer?

     1. OBeer is the most widely utilized brewery software solution

OBeer isn’t just another one-off tool for your brewer or accountant. It’s an all-in-one brewery-specific solution designed for individuals and their unique tasks. So whether you’re the owner, the accountant, the brewer, the inventory manager or the sales guy, OBeer ties every brewery persona together.

OBeer is a widely used solution because breweries utilize OBeer as an all-encompassing, collaborative solution. On average there are 6 OBeer users per brewery (3 average users for OnDemand, 21 for Enterprise)

OBeer is also represented and used in 42 different states and in 3 different countries. (check out the interactive map)

     2. OBeer is the industry standard for brewery management software

Becoming an industry standard for brewery software is highly dependent on catering a solution to the specific needs of an industry including:

  • Brewery specific chart of accounts for accounting
  • TTB and FDA compliance
  • Brewery best business practices
  • Brewery specific reporting

OBeer users have full confidence knowing that the data they base their decisions on are centralized, accurate and in real time. They invest in a platform that can grow with them and the industry. Trust is the key component of an industry standard

     3.OBeer extends itself through industry partners

OBeer augments its core foundation to address brewery industry requirements through integration & partnerships with other software companies like ShipCompliant. (See all industry partners)

    4. OBeer’s unrivaled Community

Over time, an industry standard will form a community around it based on earned trust.

Orchestrate 15 logoOur community has evolved over time to include the annual Orchestrate user conference. Orchestrate perfectly symbolizes what our community is all about. Nowhere else will you find 260+ attendees gathering to learn, collaborate and provide insight into how to better utilize OBeer brewery software and streamline processes.

With so many breweries now running OBeer, software experience in the job market is steadily becoming increasingly prevalent. As more breweries continue to select OBeer software, they’ve grown their business around it – even down to their job postings.

The organic growth and word-of-mouth endorsements by reputable breweries has also allowed us to develop partnerships with industry leaders to help further galvanize this user community.

OBeer Partnerships

Our focus on developing partnerships has increased in the recent years. In fact, a highlight for attendees at Orchestrate 2015 this year was the increased variety of sponsored speaking sessions featuring our partners. The emphasis on partnerships provides opportunities for OBeer customers to connect with partner representatives and explore solutions that perfectly complement the Orchestrated platform. We’ve partnered with accounting firms like Baker Tilly to help provide accounting, tax and financial advice. The folks at ProLeiT offer a brewery automation product for the larger breweries looking to automate, while ShipCompliant specializes in helping breweries of all sizes automate their tax reporting, manage COLAs, and more.

Our growing network of trusted OBeer partners allows us to provide a resource for our customers looking to augment, supplement or complement OBeer and take their business to the next level. Explore the OBeer partner network.

OBeer Forum

Last, but not least, the OBeer online forum is a major factor of the community aspect. Users can see what ideas fellow users have suggested and get feedback or advice. For more on how users utilize the forum to implement change, check out our post on How OBeer Customers Drive Our Product Development.

An all-in–one, collaborative solution that’s industry specific earns the trust of the craft beer community, which why 1100 users utilize OBeer on a daily basis.  Here’s to the next 1,000.