We just released OBeer v4.3 which also includes a stunning new update on the mobile side as well. Version 4.3 of the app is sure to initiate some fist bumps in the brew house once brewers get a taste of all the new stuff, (even the tank visuals got new digs).

The OBeer Mobile Production App extends production capabilities out to the brewery floor, allowing production teams to process production orders and packaging right from an iPad.

The app conducts all the back end transactions so brewers can spend less time inputting data from clipboards and spreadsheets.

On to the good stuff.

OBeer Mobile Production App: New interface, better user experience

The OBeer mobile brewery production app was rewritten to be faster and more intuitive, while providing a reliable foundation for building future mobile releases. The new UI eliminates the ‘noise’ and adds more white-space for a streamlined user experience for daily use.

OBeer Production App-login

Simple, intuitive login screen for brewing, cellaring & packaging.

OBeer Production App- PO Issue Screen
OBeer Production App- New Tank Images

OBeer Mobile Production App: Add & view your unique process types

Use the simplified desktop wizard1 to add your own unique process types, which then magically appear on the iPad during the production order selection screen2.

OBeer Packaging - User defined process

OBeer Mobile Production App: Edit production orders (batches & tank/warehouse selection)

Now, we don’t mean to throw shade at our old app, but we received a lot of constructive feedback from our community of users who loved the mobile app but expressed their overwhelming desire to also edit production orders, change warehouses and batch IDs on the fly.

We hear you.

Now you can bring up a list of current production orders1, make those edits to the order2 (tank/warehouse selection), view components3 or update batch IDs4 directly from the iPad. All confirmed edits are reflected back to OBeer in real time.

OBeer Production App - Production Order list
OBeer Production App-Edit PdOs
OBeer Production App-components
OBeer Production App-components

OBeer Mobile Production App: Packaging, ‘empty tank’ function

Finally, on the packaging side, your packaging team can access a list of production orders with a simple “Swipe right” gesture1. An ‘Empty Tank’2 button allows you to empty remaining beer from a tank without having to exit the app. This allows you to track the remaining quantity in the tank (via Goods Receipt) and then flags the variance for the accounting team to track.

OBeer brewery software Production App-packaging
OBeer Production App - empty tank function

What’s Next for The OBeer iPad App?

We accomplished a lot with this update, but there’s even more coming to the app store in future updates.

Our quarterly release cycle means OBeer is in a state of continuous improvement, constantly providing the community something new and improved throughout the year.

For example, thanks to our highly engaged OBeer community forum, users were able to convey their collective interest in adding new functionality, like entering QC metrics and inventory counts right from an iPad.

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