Beer Industry Technology Symposium (BITS) logoWe’re excited to announce our bronze level sponsorship of the inaugural Beer Industry Technology Symposium (BITS), which will be held in Napa, California in conjunction with the Wine Industry Technology Symposium® – WITS® June 30 and July 1, 2014.

Leaders in the brewing, distribution and technology industries launched BITS to form a dedicated industry forum where technology and strategy intersect. As pioneers in the business software industry, this is a perfect opportunity for OBeer to participate, share knowledge and best industry practices and introduce the latest business software innovations at a new event.

About the Session:

Firestone Walker logoOrchestra President, Brad Windecker will host a panel discussion featuring Erwin Gut, Director of Automation and Information Technology at Firestone Walker Brewing Company. Firestone Walker, located in Paso Robles, CA, is currently the 16th largest craft brewery in the U.S. and has been running OrchestratedBEER brewery management software since 2011.

We’re excited to host the panel alongside Firestone Walker, one of OrchestratedBEER’s largest brewery customers. Firestone Walker has been at the forefront of leveraging OrchestratedBEER to support their rapid growth, so hearing from Erwin on how he has achieved the rollout and his plans for the future will be a great insight for the attendees at BITS.

Session Title:

Craft Breweries Are Booming. But How Are They Managing All This Growth? This ERP Is Not Just For BUD.

Session Agenda:

  • Real world examples of leveraging enterprise software in a fast growing craft brewery
  • How Firestone Walker “digitized” processes
  • Best practices in the craft beer industry utilizing OBeer and SAP
  • The challenges and solutions of ERP at a midsized company

Brad will also join a second panel discussion about leveraging Software as a Service (SaaS) technologies for growing companies. Brad has extensive experience in both building and using SaaS based cloud software to support fast growth for both his customers and Orchestra Software. “As a fast growing company, we have leveraged SaaS cloud software at every step of the way to ensure we direct our capital where it is most important – our people. We deploy SaaS based solutions in HR, CRM, Project Management, Bug Tracking, and other areas that have traditionally been the realm of on-premise software.”

About BITS:
BITS is dedicated to bringing the world’s leading breweries, distributors and retailers together with the leading technology experts to foster learning and discussion. Expert panels and keynotes discuss leading edge case studies involving consumer direct marketing and sales, operations, financial management, trade sales and distribution, brewing and input management.