OBeer Champion ProgramAmid the rapidly growing community forum have been a handful of consistent contributors that have emerged as thought leaders, some of which have achieved the coveted “Product Champion” title. These are the guys and gals who quickly become expert OBeer users and readily share advice and experiences with the rest of the community. Some of the fastest responses to posts have been within minutes by our highly active product champs. OBeer users such as these champs, in combination with our 14 forum staff members, actively participate in the forum to help provide fellow users with answers to software-related questions, business best practices, tips, and tricks that help everyone better utilize the full power of OrchestratedBEER.

Aside from just working in user-submitted features to our product, we wanted to reward the contributions of these product champs by introducing an official Product Champions Program to help foster the peer-to-peer assistance that has grown rapidly over the past year.

These product champions often demonstrate their dedication to the product by contributing time and resources to help other users use the software more efficiently as well as utilize brewery industry best practices to help run a better business. They also help develop our future product roadmap. It’s all for the betterment of the community. So what’s it take to be an OBeer champion? The program outlines a full list of expectations for getting nominated as well as benefits. Here’s a quick sample of how users can increase their chances of getting nominated:

     – Building peer-to-peer interaction & support

     – Sharing wisdom, experience and brewery best practices

     – Maintaining productive conversations

     – Promoting the OBeer brand within and outside the community

Customer interaction and contributions to the community are vital to the future success of a customer-driven, brewery-specific software solution. It’s just one of many ways OrchestratedBEER separates itself from the alternatives as the leading brewery management software solution. Want to learn more about joining this great community of industry-leading breweries? Click on the link below to download the latest version of our brochure.