OBeer 4.3 has just been released, which focuses on the Brewer persona and lab/QC folks. As with past releases, OBeer 4.3 was driven by user feedback through direct interactions, ideas & recommendations posted on the OBeer forum. OBeer 4.3 focuses on the following updates:

  • New & improved Production Scheduler
  • Mobile Production app (stay tuned for separate blog update)
  • New QC Analysis tool
  • Planning Management Utility (Demand Planning, Goals & MRP)

OBeer 4.3 Production Scheduler: Cleaner, faster, responsive

4.3 Production Scheduler

New Production Scheduler in OBeer 4.3

The Scheduler was completely rebuilt for a clean, responsive look & feel. The new scheduler now launches in its own window allowing you to view and plan the brewery’s production schedule on one screen and work in OBeer on another.

OBeer 4.3 Production Scheduler: Drag & drop multiple items

4.3 Production Scheduler- Drag Multiples

Select multiple items at a time and drag them to a new date, time or tank. All changes made on the scheduler are automatically reflected in real time to update all users of changes on the production floor.

OBeer 4.3 Production Scheduler: Define & color code your own processes

OBeer 4.3 Production Scheduler: Define your own processes

The new OBeer scheduler not only supports user-defined processes, but also allows you to assign your own unique color codes.

Other improvements and additions include:

  • Quick-link drill down into a specific day or week
  • Display Inventory transfers
  • Create new sales orders or purchase orders from scheduler

QC Analysis Tool: 11 new ways to analyze QC metrics

OBeer Brewery QC Analysis tool

QC Analysis Preview

Aside from the numerous improvements to Core & Advanced QC in 4.3, a new QC Analysis tool was also created to allow OBeer users to report and visualize QC metrics captured in production using an intuitive Excel-based interface.

The QC Analysis tool reports include:

  • Brewing QC (Mash1, Lauter2, Kettle3 & Whirlpool4)
  • Fermentation QC5
  • Packaging QC6
  • Pack Air Test QC7
  • Pack Volumes QC8
  • Brew Charts9 (Qty brewed, original gravity, original pH)
  • Fermentation Charts10 (Avg. daily Gravity, pH, temp)
  • Packaging Charts11 (Avg. daily O2, Co2)

Planning Management Consolidate Sales Goals & Forecasts

This new, powerful Excel-based planning utility allows for easy setup management of the planning data in OBeer to be utilized in MRP. The Planning Management Utility also consolidates sales goals & forecasts into a centralized place to lay the foundation for better forecasting on the production and purchasing side.

Planning Management – Easy planning data setup (Item management)

Planning Management in OBeer

Easy Item Setup

The planning management setup screen allows you to establish variables including:

  • Minimum order qty & order multiples
  • Order intervals
  • Tolerance days
  • Min & max stock qty
  • Lead times (minutes & days)

Planning Management – Gauge distributor performance by Goals

Planning Management - Customer Goal Management

Customer Goal Management Utility

OBeer allows you to establish Goals for each customer/distributor for the ability to forecast demand and track performance. . The new Goals utility allows OnDemand and Enterprise customers to assign targets in an Excel interface and import them into OBeer. Then, as you sell to each customer/distributor, you can gauge performance by the assigned goals via the Goals Overview Report (below).

Planning Management - Goals Overview by Brand

Gauge Performance w/ Goals Overview Report

Planning Management Create & maintain Demand Forecasts

Planning Management - Brewery Demand Forecast

Brewery Demand Forecast

The Demand forecast is the next phase of the planning utility. Forecasts can now be created to consider the sum of your goals to drive demand for MRP scenarios.

Maintain existing forecasts or create new forecasts based on Item Group, Brand, Pack Size, or Item Code.

If you already receive goals from your distributors or sales team, this is where you would input them. Once completed, press ‘Send to Orchestrated’, to sync your forecasts to OBeer for execution in production.