Version 4.2 focuses mainly on the Bruno the Brewer (production) persona, with enhancements across the board for everyone.

With all our releases, we rely on input from our user community to ensure functionality and ease of use.

The biggest announcement in 4.2 includes barrel management and 17 other reports, with special emphasis on a new quarterly TTB report.

OBeer Version 4.2 Highlights

New Barrel Management Functionality 

This is entirely new OBeer functionality is an all-encompassing console to manage your barrels from setup to barrel tagging and everything in between.

Barrel management includes:

  • Initial barrel setup
  • Stock on hand
  • Receiving barrels
  • Processing barrel filling production
  • Processing barrel tipping production
  • Retiring barrels
  • Printing barrel tags
  • Moving barrels (transfers)
  • Barrel history

Scroll through the gallery for a peek at the new functionality

17 New Reports- featuring the new quarterly “short form” TTB report

OBeer currently includes 100+ brewer-specific reports out of the box that allow you to report on any metric imaginable. 17 new reports were added in 4.2 to make your life a bit easier, including the new quarterly “short form” TTB Report.

Highlights of the reports include:

  • Inventory- Quick Raw Item Planning

A week’s-on-hand like report. Makes planning a snap when used in conjunction with FISA. Utilizes lead times to notify users when they are going to run out stock and when to order more.

Quick Raw Inventory Planning Sheet
  • Production- BoM Cost Variance by Month

View how the cost of production fluctuates on a month-to-month basis for your products.

BoM Cost Variance by Month
  • Production- Quarterly “short form” TTB Reporting

The TTB Report has been updated to now include the TTB quarterly “short form” format.

  • Sales- On-time Delivery Performance

Displays a list of comparison of estimated ship date compared to actual date on a delivery document.

Sales On-time Delivery Performance by Month

Other reports:

  • Banking – Check Register
  • Financial – Open Service GPRO Balance
  • Inventory – Inventory Count Variance Analysis
  • Inventory – Inventory Not Counted Since
  • Production – Indented Costed BoM
  • Production – Production Cost Analysis By Item with Price Lists
  • Production – Production Dashboard
  • Production – Quick Volume Produced
  • Sales – Goals Summary