Production Schedule Banner

OrchestratedBEER’s long-awaited production scheduler is finally here. This new core feature will soon be rolled out to all current and future OBeer customers and allows users to visualize and schedule production orders on a calendar just like in Gmail.

The goal was to fuse familiarity of the Gmail calendars with the same drag and drop functionality used to schedule your daily events. Now brewers will be able to schedule production orders that are also tied to all the data on the back end for planning and accounting purposes. By simply dragging and dropping production orders on the calendar you can automatically schedule or adjust production by date and time. Visualize production by a monthly, weekly or daily calendar view and by warehouse or storage tank.

Brewery Production Scheduler Includes:

  • Drag & Drop scheduling
  • Visualize production lead times
  • Visualize sales & purchase orders for more efficient production
  • Daily, weekly & monthly calendar views
  • View production lead times by warehouse & storage tanks to anticipate capacity


Watch the quick 5-minute YouTube video below to get an overview of the different production scheduler views: