The first draft designs of our new brewery software mobile packaging and production app are here – and it’s going to revolutionize the way OrchestratedBEER customers use our software. “We’re changing the way breweries do business…” commented Brad Windecker, Orchestra’s President, during OBeer’s monthly all-hands meeting. Brad unveiled the initial design concepts for the OrchestratedBEER packaging app that will provide real-time communication of production orders between management and production line employees.

The entire OBeer team got a sneak peek at the iPad schematics and how the new iPad application will work for employees on the brewery floor. The app lets users quickly view pending production orders and process receipts from production. The layout keeps vital information on the screen at all times. Here’s a look at the pending design:

Mobile App Login Screen:

Login SCreen

Layout Design Overview

Production Order SCreen

1. Production Orders

The left side displays a list of production orders ascending by date, then production order number

2. Selected Production Order (Golden outline)
When a user selects a production order, the details are displayed on the right side of the screen

3. Log Out Button
Ends session/aborts current work session and brings the user back to login screen

4/5.  Help buttons
Reveals a help section with instructions on how each area of the app is used.

6. Segmented Control
A segmented control allows users to adjust the focus of results from current – orders with dates less than or equal to tomorrow; or All.

7. Type + Percent Complete
The type(bottling, kegging, canning) represented visually as a bottle, keg or can – combined with a visual representation of completion percentage

8. Refresh
Refreshes all production orders

Production Order Selection Screen

Select Order Screen

Users can review a detailed view of the order and generate receipts from production.

1. Select Production Order

Tapping anywhere on a row displays a detailed view of the production order.

2. Selected Production Order (Top Menu)

Details about production order are displayed on the right side of the split view when selected by user.

3. Status Bar

Status bar includes basic details about the order including due date, planned quantity, completed quantity and percentage completed.

4. Submit

Submit button is disabled until user has entered a quantity

Production Order Components Screen

Components Screen

1. Components

Tapping components button displays components table of the selected production order

2. Close

Closes out components table

Apple iOS Design Feel & Functionality

iPad App screen

COMING SOOON! Stay Tuned For Details