OrchestratedBEER recently released its latest brewery software update for OnDemand. All current OnDemand brewery customers were automatically updated to the newest version of OrchestratedBEER software, which features the newest version of the drag and drop production scheduler. This new version will dramatically improve the way breweries schedule and plan production on a daily, monthly or weekly basis.

The production scheduler allows users to visualize production in an interactive calendar view, similar to that of Google calendar. The interactive portion means that production users will see all current released production orders with drill down details in the calendar and can drag released orders to different dates or drag the tail end of the production order to extend lead times specific to that batch. Users can also drag and drop planned production orders onto the calendar to release the production to the applicable OrchestratedBEER production worksheets (Brew Sheet, Cellar Worksheet and Packaging Worksheet). The system will automatically adjust dates and times based on the lead times required for a particular style and process.

The warehouse calendar view also allows users to view released production orders in the specified storage tanks and release planned production orders by dragging and dropping production orders to the specified storage tanks while visualizing when storage tanks will be available (i.e. Fermentor #3 or Bright Tank #2).


This particular update includes environmental performance improvements and the newest version of the production scheduler.  A handful of Standard and Enterprise breweries were involved in the process of ironing out the initial wrinkles of the scheduler since the start of 2013. We’re proud to say the production scheduler is good to go and has been made available to all customers in the OnDemand environment.

Expect to see more OnDemand updates, upgrades like this one in the near future as our development team continues to add new features and functionality based on user feedback. Because of the multi-tenant environment of OnDemand, we were able to upgrade all breweries simultaneously and a majority of users saw the updates take effect as soon as they logged in the next day. Additional updates are expected in the near future which will address some minor issues and simplify certain processes. Check in periodically on our blog or follow us on twitter to stay up to date with the latest news.