Introducing the Mobile Sales App

The Mobile Sales App is out now! The Mobile Sales App allows you and your sales reps to:

  • Process sales
  • Manage daily tasks/activities
  • Keep track of your company’s accounts and contacts
  • Easily access real-time inventory levels

With the Mobile Sales App, you will be able to work independently and manage your day-to-day tasks directly from their phone.

Manage Daily Activities & Tasks

Brewery Mobile Sales App Activities

The Mobile Sales App has a built-in activities/task calendar, allowing you to review your tasks for a specific day, week or month. See what meetings or visits you have scheduled, phone calls that need to be returned or other reminders.

Whenever you have a new opportunity or task attached to a lead, create your own tasks directly in the app! All tasks are linked to an account and contact, so you can track your sales activities by customer.

Keep Track of Accounts and Contacts

Brewery Mobile Sales App Business Partners

All of your business accounts and contacts located in OrchestratedBeer also live here in the app and are updated in real time!

In each business account, you’ll find helpful information like:

  • Account balances
  • Open orders
  • Contacts attached to the account

Having this account information makes it easier to keep track of your customers’ orders. And with accounts you communicate with frequently, you are able to add them to your favorites list for easy access!

Easily Access Real-Time Inventory Levels

Brewery Mobile Sales App Items & Stock

Within the Items and Stock section, all of your inventory in OrchestratedBeer is here in the app, giving you a complete picture of what products you have to sell. You are able to drill into each item to see the overall stock levels you have as well as the stock you have of an item at each of your locations. Also, you can add your most frequently sold items to your favorite list for quick access.

Manage Sales Orders

Brewery Mobile Sales App Sales Orders

With the Mobile Sales App, creating and viewing sales orders is easier than ever. All you have to do is add the business partner you are selling to and add the items they want to order through the built-in views.

Need an incentive for your business partner to purchase a bit more or just wanting to improve the relationship? Add a discount before your final review and submit it back to the brewery for fulfillment!


With the ability to process sales, manage your daily tasks/activities, keep track of your company’s accounts and contacts and access real-time inventory levels, you can always take comfort that you have the information to close opportunities.

Interested? For more information on features and how to get the Mobile Sales App, visit the Mobile Sales App hub!