9 Tips to Improve Brewery Efficiency

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Running a brewery can be complex and overwhelming. From tracking your raw materials, purchasing, and production, to financials and sales, it’s a lot to process. What if everything that came in and out of your brewery was accounted for in one place?

Having a deeper insight into what’s happening in your brewery will improve your brewery efficiency. Brewery management software provides views into your brewery that you’ve never had before, allowing you to pull specific reports and empower your brewery to make the best business decisions.

Here’s a breakdown of the reports most often used by owners, accountants, and brewers to improve their brewery efficiency. They’re essential tools for those looking to gain greater insight into their processes and improve overall brewery efficiency:


1.) Balance Sheet – Quick summary of Assets, Liabilities & Equity

The balance sheet is one of the most important tools in your financial tool belt. Generate real-time updates of your current financial standing, helping you make the best business decisions, while providing greater efficiency for accountants.

Other Balance Sheet benefits:

  • Pull an up to the minute report of your Assets, Liabilities and Equity
  • Direct link to Chart of Accounts provides peace of mind when reviewing balances
  • Create shorter summaries and hide inactive accounts

2.) Recipe Cost Variance by Month – Track & visualize production cost variances over time

Know the true cost of your beer with this customized report that provides a hybrid format of charting and numbers.

Other Cost Variance benefits:

  • Details on costs, average gross margin, and average sale amounts for each item produced in your brewery
  • Visual overview of your production costs related to the sale of finished goods
  • Used by owners and production managers to increase production efficiency
  • Help determine where sales targets need to be


3.) Future Inventory Status Analysis – Anticipate future inventory levels for raw materials & finished goods

This time saving tool enables you to see a 20-day outlook on any of your current inventory. Readily determine what inventory you have on hand, so you can schedule future production and anticipate sales.

Other report benefits:

  • See depletion of your raw materials residing with in-process batches
  • See when items are coming back into stock via completed purchases
  • Information is populated real-time when you run the report
  • Greater insight into capacity of current inventory

4.) Inventory On Hand and Aging – Estimate age & value from raw materials to finished goods

Working in a similar fashion to the Inventory Audit Report, this report enables you to group items by specific variables such as batches and aging, locations and warehouses. It’s an ideal report for those concerned about utilizing their raw materials and getting product out before expiration.

Other report benefits:

  • Hide “zero on-hand” lines
  • View estimated values for each item
  • Perfect for those concerned about first-in-first-out management and being up-to-date on purchasing

5.) Quick Raw Inventory Report – Anticipate shortages & plan ahead

This planning sheet displays raw material supply, production order demand, and shortages. Know what you can brew by easily seeing what materials you have on hand and when you need to restock materials based on future production orders.

  • Provides further insight into when a restock of specific items is needed
  • Past due items are highlighted in red
  • Further details such as average use per week over the past year and how long you’ve had it in stock


6.) Daily Production Activities – Display upcoming production schedules

A thorough breakdown of each production step for a given time frame. Improve your brewhouse efficiency by knowing what your production schedule looks like. See which production orders are closed, planned, disassembled, with comments noted on each.

Other report benefits:

  • View Quantity Planned and Completed
  • View MPS and Batch number for each
  • Each order is linked to the original Production Order
  • Can be sorted by location and/or warehouse
  • Audit all your production, losses, and provide an immediate overview of production

7.) Production Cost Analysis by Process – Track component consumption & cost variances

Learn where your losses occur, plus save time and money by finding solutions to production issues.

There are actually three different Production Cost Analysis reports:

  • By Process
  • By Item
  • By Component Cost

The “by Process” version provides more details about planned and actual costs during each step in production. The “by Item” version is generally more focused on all items, not just production.


8.) Item Sales and Customer Sales Analysis – Identify top sellers, sales patterns & item profitability

Gain insight into your profits by brand, or by distributor to better determine future purchasing and production. Both the Item version and Customer version of the Sales Analysis report provide excellent details on your sales activity. The Item version focuses first on brand sales, as well as profit, and offers several more optional metrics. Conversely, the Customer version focuses first on the distributor in question, then breaks down the brands going to each. Greater clarity is also provided for future sales planning.

9.) Sales Excise Tax Tool – Knowing which states you own taxes in

The purpose of this tool is to express the total sales of brands to specific states, over a certain time frame. Save time by knowing which states you’re paying taxes in for sales is a game changer for our customers.

Parameters include:

  • Display Units
  • Pack Family
  • Item Groups
  • Brand
  • ABV

Choose which business partner parameters to view such as BP Group and the Ship to State, minimizing the hassle of tracking metrics on a state-by-state basis.


The above examples are just a small sample of the 150+ reports available right out of the box to help breweries make the best business decisions using a single source of the truth to improve brewery efficiency. Visit OrchestratedBeer’s Features page to get your copy of the OBeer sample reports pack. Also, download our brochure to learn more about how OrchestratedBeer can help your brewery thrive.