How to Efficiently Handle Beer Recalls


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Beer recalls: they’re one of those things that brewers hope never happen to them. However, with craft breweries striving for high quality products while staying ahead of the market, they’re unfortunately something that brewers are forced to deal with. It’s important for breweries to stay ahead of the recall game. And when facing beer recalls, traceability and quality control are both key ways to prevent and deal with beer recalls.

Safety Beer Recalls

Some recalls are safety issues. For example, bottle issues have been a common theme in recent years. Two large breweries issued major voluntary recalls due to glass shard issues. Breweries are required to insure trace-ability of their packaged beer. As a result of the Bioterrorism Act, breweries are required to be able to internally track all beer packaged down to a lot number. In the unfortunate case of a safety issue, this allows breweries to easily recall any items directly affected by the issue.

Recalls can be daunting, however if you have the right systems in place it can make issuing a recall a little less intimidating. OrchestratedBEER automatically traces everything from the raw materials going into a beer to the finished goods going to market. This means you can specifically see where the issue might have been and are then able to recall all the beer that might be affected. With batch tracing you can more specifically see which batches of a certain brand need to be addressed.

Quality Control Beer Recalls

Most craft breweries set a standard for their beer, and if the beer fails to meet that quality, many breweries will recall and dump the beer. Dumping beer may seem like a simple task, but because of mandatory reporting, dumped and destroyed beers have to be accurately reported on a brewery’s TTB report. This adds another layer of necessary steps to take when dumping a beer that failed to meet quality. Since everything is tracked within Orchestrated, your TTB report will automatically factor in the dumped beer, keeping your report accurate.

Recalls aren’t fun, they require a lot of work and cut into your profit margins. However, when done right and with all the information available in OrchestratedBEER, it makes the process just a bit easier. Utilizing what tools are built into the software, such as batch traceability and TTB reporting, will make your job easier in the event of a recall.


With OrchestratedBeer’s automated ability to trace everything from raw materials to the finished beer going to market, if you are facing a beer recall, OrchestratedBeer makes it easy to identify what went wrong in a batch of beer. Does your brewery need help with preventing/dealing with a recall?

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