4 Ways Brewery Management Software Provides a Complete Picture of Your Brewery’s Health

4 Ways Brewery Management Software Provides a Complete Picture of Your Brewery's Health Title

A brewery with disparate systems will always have a hard time becoming data-led due communication breakdowns between people, processes and data. When you do not have a strong hold on your brewery’s data, it is hard enough to just operate and keep track of a brewery, let alone discovering trends and utilizing them to propel your brewery’s growth.  To become data-led and make better business decisions, your brewery needs to increase communication and transparency.

Your brewery needs a brewery management software to become data-led and increase transparency throughout your whole brewery. Why? Brewery Management Software gives you a complete picture of your brewery’s performance. And once you have the complete picture, you can begin to see where your brewery fits among your competition and determine your niche within the beer community. You can begin to get ahead of trends and take advantage of those trends in order to begin building a competitive advantage.

Continue reading to discover how our comprehensive brewery management software, OBeer, enables breweries to gain a complete picture of their brewery’s performance.

Access 4 OBeer Reports that Offer An-Indepth Look Into Your Brewery

How OBeer Provides a Complete Picture of Your Brewery’s Health

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1.) OBeer is the Single Source of the Truth for Your Brewery

OBeer consolidates your disparate systems, providing you access to real-time data that is integrated together and communicates with each other. OBeer integrates all aspects of your brewery together including finances & accounting, production, inventory, purchasing, quality control and reporting. With the data you gain from these integrations, you can begin to discover the impact of each batch of beer and purchase of raw materials on your brewery’s bottom line, for example.

OBeer also increases transparency and communication throughout your brewery because everyone within your brewery logs in and works in the same system. Gone are the days of forgetting to send the right person an excel sheet or writing and keeping track of your production schedule on a whiteboard. OBeer truly provides a single source of the truth for your brewery, giving you a better picture of your brewery’s operations and health.

2.) OBeer Helps Your Brewery React Quicker

Ever have a batch go bad and had to perhaps even do a recall? These situations can be scary without having data on each batch of your beer as it is often difficult to know how to improve and move forward without it. With OBeer, you can have peace of mind over the quality of your beer because every ingredient that goes into your beer is logged and assigned to a batch number. You are able to back trace any batch, so you can react quicker to the situation and remedy any problems a particular batch of beer may have.

3.) Easily Forecast Your Future Necessary Inventory & Supply

One of the most frustrating experiences a brewery can experience is running out of necessary inventory needed to process orders. Not having necessary inventory increases lead times, leading to lost potential revenue you could of been accruing by brewing more beer. With OBeer’s forecasting and reporting tools, your brewery will never have to worry about running out of inventory necessary to fulfill customer orders again. You will gain real-time insight into your available finished goods and raw materials  as well as be able to forecast your needed inventory to fulfill your planned orders.

In next week’s blog post, we will be doing a deep dive into the forecasting tools OBeer subscribers have access to that they use to gain a complete picture of the inventory they need to satisfy their customers’ demand.

4.) Build Out Robust, Custom Reports

While there are many robust, built-in reports within OBeer, we realize that not every report in our software will capture all the custom information you may want to track in your brewery. That is why OBeer gives you the ability to build out robust, custom reports, so you can ensure the data you want tracked is being tracked. Utilizing a drag-and-drop report editor, you can add any fields available in Orchestrated to any existing report you have in order to customize it to your liking. This way, your brewery has all the data it needs to be successful.


Through utilizing brewery management software like OBeer, the single source of the truth for your brewery, your brewery can transition from a traditional brewery to a data-led brewery. As a data-led brewery, you will have the data you need to react to the market quickly & accurately. The data OBeer provides has helped hundreds of breweries across the US make better business decisions than their competitors without a single source of the truth. With OBeer, your brewery can focus on what it does best: creating innovative, exciting drinks and experiences.

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