When breweries sign on with OrchestratedBEER™ they’ll go through an installation and training process called an implementation. With the arrival of our cloud-based OnDemand subscription model, we also developed an efficient implementation processes called Fast Track Implementation for as little upfront cost as possible for the customer. It includes the best training curriculum so users feel confident and ready to embrace best brewery practices established by nearly 100 fellow breweries running OrchestratedBEER. Most importantly, it takes place in a short period of time so breweries can get up and running from the start using industry best practices.  OrchestratedBEER isn’t just software; it’s also an adoption of time tested, industry best practices forged by the world’s best-run breweries. Enter the OnDemand Fast Track Implementation™.

Orchestra Software’s software “Verticalization” enables us to develop business management software solutions for a specific industry – aka OrchestratedBEER. Other software vendors take the traditional “horizontal” model by utilizing a software platform designed for generic business models then customize it for your business over the period of 12 to 18 months. That’s not practical for startup breweries trying to get a business off the ground ASAP or even an existing brewery that doesn’t need another interruption to their growing business.

How is OrchestratedBEER’s Implementation Different?
We’re not a pharmaceutical manufacturing software company, or an “off the shelf” ERP service provider tweaking a few processes and calling it a brewery solution.  With OrchestratedBEER™ OnDemand, we’ve already done 100% of the customization and rolled it up into an all-in-one cloud-based solution using the best brewery business practices recommended by nearly 100 breweries. This eliminates the tedious “learn and develop” phases that often drags out a typical horizontal implementation. There is no need to pay us to learn your business and develop a solution that will meet your needs. With our industry experienced team, we cut straight to the point and simply configure our solution with your recipes, items, pack types, styles/brands, SKU’s, customers/vendors and etc; so you can start gaining the benefits of OBeer™ immediately.

How is OrchestratedBEER’s implementation method faster?

Fast Track Implementattion Plan
Craft breweries often have very similar requirements and processes. Implementation projects for these like-type businesses follow consistent paths and derived outcomes. We are able to deliver a solution that will meet the needs of these like-type businesses quickly and efficiently by eliminating the inevitable customization decisions, identifying like-type requirements and following a prescriptive implementation approach. OnDemand’s Fast Track ImplementationTM s makes software affordable by:

  • Standardizing processes
  • Replacing services w/ software & automation
  • Training simultaneous companies
  • Maintaining the human element
  • Applying a 8-week timeframe

How do we train users?

We’ve customized a live, online curriculum presented by our consultants to train OBeer OnDemand users.  Multiple customers join these monthly classroom webinars to walk through various scenarios they will encounter and how to utilize OrchestratedBEER software. The consultant answers questions, provides advice and suggests best practices in real-time.

Traditional implementations have problems maintaining accurate timelines. If your project runs over deadlines you run the risk of going over budget and eventually a delayed project. With our Fast Track ERP Implementation™ all tracks run the same schedule and content 12 times a year. We’ve done this long enough to know that sh** happens sometimes  – things break, other projects fall behind, tanks don’t arrive or permits aren’t approved on-time. We get it. If at any time you start to fall behind the training schedule, you can simply drop out of that month’s class and join the next training track the following month without incurring additional charges.

There is never a conversation about going over budget or exceeding the timeline because of the flexibility provided by these ongoing learning tracks. Implementations can now be predictable in regards to both cost and time.

The “curriculum” in these online classes remains the same whether there are 5, 15 or 100 customers attending that month’s learning track. These consistent mechanisms provide the scalability necessary to make this a successful training methodology. Also, because the training recurs on a monthly basis, we are able to offer training to existing customers that might bring on a new employee or would like refreshed training. We don’t charge for invaluable services like training because our primary goal is successful user adoption and prolonged use of our software,

Creating a community
An additional benefit of the classroom style is the sense of community developed between the breweries going through the implementation process. Just like the peers you had in school, there’s often a sense of community developed when you’re all striving towards the same goal.  We have developed an expansive online user community where customers can ask questions, seek advice from peers and even contribute to the future product roadmap through recommendations.

Why Fast Track makes sense
Our Fast Track Implementation™ is extremely efficient and allows us to pass those savings on to the customer. Breweries can’t afford to spend 18 months implementing ERP software. It needs to be fast, affordable and simple without cutting corners.

It all comes down to being efficient with the talent we have and relying more on technology without removing too much of the human element.

The most important factor in this implementation methodology is the fact that it has all been refined and custom–tailored over time by fellow breweries. It’s how we’re helping businesses run better with affordable, custom, cloud-based software.