Top 3 Steps to Ensuring the Success of Your Brewery

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As breweries continue to grow in this complex market, there are many decisions to consider. They range from the basics of marketing and outreach, to the more complex business analysis behind the scenes. As a result, to ensure the success of your brewery, managing your brewery like a business is more important than ever.

Here are three steps to focus on in order to attract crowds, provide the best brand experience in the taproom and track the profitability of it all in an effort to ensure the success of your brewery:

Top 3 Steps to Ensuring the Success of Your Brewery

  1. Consider Your Outreach Initiatives
  2. Provide a Fantastic Customer Experience
  3. Focus on Your Bottom Line

1.) Consider Your Outreach Initiatives

You’d be surprised how a sub-par online digital presence can significantly undermine your bottom line. 77% of agencies reported that a poor user experience on a website is a major weakness for their clients, making this the biggest factor holding back their marketing success.

Recall your last search for a new restaurant, craft beer bar, or “dog-friendly brewery.” The decision to visit a new spot is often determined by search results and the content you provide to help them make informed decisions. If your brewery is not being found online, your brewery is not being advertised effectively and less people are going to visit your brewery.

Today’s most successful breweries are utilizing all the low-cost tools available to expand their digital reach. Custom websites, recent photos, and a dedicated URL for search engines are essential in building your online presence and getting people in the door. You need a story. It doesn’t have to be exhaustive or break the bank, (Wix and Squarespace have affordable, easy-to-use website builders), but it should convince new visitors to stop by your brewery rather than the “other place” around the corner.

According to Juan O’Naghton, Owner and Head Brewer at Nightlife Brewing in Miami:

“You need to have a story, you need to have the catchphrases and your marketing needs to be on point. I know it doesn’t sound ‘crafty’ at all, but the craft is in the liquid and I’m still running a business.”

“…the craft is in the liquid and I’m still running a business.”

Juan O’Naghten, Nightlife Brewing

Local Google AdWords campaigns, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts are pivotal in getting your story out. Whether you have live music playing in your taproom, a tap takeover at a local pub, or a new Hazy IPA hitting shelves, let your biggest fans know what you have to offer on any given day.

When craft beer enthusiasts are finding your bar online, you have a chance to get them to visit your brewery. From there, it’s important to focus on your customer experience to ensure success of your brewery.

2.) Provide a Fantastic Customer Experience

Digital experience – check. Now that they’re in the door, what does your environment look like? Is it consistent with your brand?

According to a study by CGA/Nielsen for the Brewers Association, 64% of respondents said that a brewery visit was “either a different type of occasion or was in addition to typical on-premise occasions.”

The taproom provides your highest margins, event opportunities (revenue), and most importantly, immediate customer feedback. Utilize digital tap boards, iPad check-in apps, Untappd and other apps to interact with your customers for valuable feedback.

Offering something for everyone, not just the beer nerds, is key. Think Beer Yoga sessions, BINGO, dog-friendly and family-friendly events, and of course, great food options.

“We once sponsored a ‘Battle of the Bands’ event featuring Jazz Bands competing against each other,” says O’Naghton. “It was exciting to watch people enjoying our product, while listening to the jazz and loving the combination of the two.”

Don’t just make decisions from your gut. Arm yourself with the facts to ensure you are making the best decisions for your brewery. This factor is more important than ever when it comes to the success of your brewery.

3.) Focus on Your Bottom Line

So, you’ve got a killer online presence, Joe is slaying the banjo on Thursday nights, and the beer yoga classes are booked out. How do you know if it’s even profitable? None of it makes sense if you don’t have systems in place to analyze it all.

Owners, accountants, managers and decision makers need accurate, real-time insights from a single source of the truth to make the best business decisions.

Tracking your sales, costs, or who is performing in your taproom, will all impact your bottom line. Having access to how your brands are performing, where production needs to increase or decrease, and understanding your financial standing at any given time are all extremely valuable insights for any business, especially a brewery.

By utilizing Sales Reports, owners like O’Naghton can anticipate where the market is going and adjust accordingly.

“I can see the market trends happening in my taproom, and also in terms of what my distributor is buying.”

Juan O’Naghten, Nightlife Brewing

You’re no longer just a brewery, you’re a business. To sustain it, you need an external presence, an understanding of your customers’ needs, and the right tools in place for success. Doing these three things will ensure the success of your brewery.


Getting your brewery in the public eye through your digital presence, providing fantastic customer experiences and keeping in mind your bottom line will go a long to ensure the success of your brewery. Make sure you have the most up-to-date data for your brewery to help you make more informed decisions.

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