You’ve seen the site, you’ve read the blog, and maybe even watched a live demo or two. Now the real question shifts from “what” brewery management software systems are available, to “why” should I choose OrchestratedBEER?

We sat down with John Reardon, Founder of Deep Ellum Brewing Company (DEBC), to find out their reasoning for choosing OrchestratedBEER over any other solution.

BreweryDeep Ellum experienced the normal challenges associated with a growing brewery:

“…Normal growing pains, some weeks it’s keeping up with production, some weeks it’s cooperage and allocation, next week it’s the cold room… We’ve done an exceptional job with the tools given but at the end of the day it’s just constantly increasing those tools whether it’s more kegs, more capacity and more space.

That was one of the things that brought us to OrchestratedBEER was that our old tools were becoming extremely limiting because we were moving and growing so quickly that nothing was really tied together with any real-time data.”

Before OrchestratedBEER:

Like most breweries, DEBC used a combination of tools and software to manage the brewery’s operation:

“…Google Docs, Spreadsheets, Calendars taped to the wall, text messages and emails galore of course…”

Although DEBC’s management methods worked well at the time and made sense to everyone, John realized their current piecemeal system wouldn’t accommodate sustainable long-term growth they were aiming to achieve:

“…If you saw our sales graphs it made sense (to us): ‘We have beer, SELL. We don’t have beer, we’re apologizing.’ So it was always an up-down roller coaster.”

“The growth potential and demand down in Texas is completely unquantifiable at the moment… so we wanted to make the proper investment to get us in a position where we can capitalize on that growth.”

Why Deep Ellum Brewing Chose OrchestratedBEER

OrchestratedBEER also has the functionality to allow all departments to have access to relevant information so you’ll no longer oversell your accounts or make promises based on inaccurate information:

“All the times we oversold accounts just by not knowing what’s in the cooler…It’s all detrimental to a business and could have been alleviated had we implemented this software from day one.”

“We spend a lot of time trying to figure out how to communicate what’s going on from one side of the brewery to the other. This gives us the central hub to manage that for us.”Taito Lifto, Sales & Brand Ninja

DEBC came to our offices for OnDemand training and will be going “Live” on the system in the following weeks. Read more about OnDemand or visit our Products page to see if it’s right for your brewery.