A Day in the Life of a Brewery Sales Guy

In previous posts we introduced you to the daily lives of Penny the brewery accountant, Bruno the brew master, and Peter the Inventory Mgr. This segment focuses on the life of the brewery sales rep through the eyes of Sal. Sal’s story embodies the brewery sales rep persona and the constraints encountered due to multiple systems and inefficient processes. Even the best [...]

By | October 16th, 2015|

A Day in the Life of the Brewery Inventory Mgr

In previous posts we introduced you to the daily lives of Penny the brewery accountant and Bruno the brew master. This segment focuses on the life of the brewery inventory manager through the eyes of Peter. Peter’s story embodies the brewery inventory persona and the constraints encountered due to multiple systems. Even the best system of spreadsheets have to be constantly updated [...]

By | October 6th, 2015|

Brewery Reporting

As a brewery grows, it becomes increasingly difficult to know what’s going on in every aspect of the business. There are so many different things happening in a brewery that it is almost impossible to keep track of everything just by simply being there. Getting lost in the day-to-day responsibilities limits one’s ability to look at the bigger picture. The intuition that [...]

By | January 22nd, 2014|

How to Manage Beer Recipes using Brewery Software

OrchestratedBEER tracks your recipes digitally from start to finish. There are multiple processes that occur when creating a batch of beer so you need to be able to track those steps and account for what materials are being consumed and which lot of hops or malt you used along the way. There are also the obvious items you need to account for [...]

By | October 22nd, 2013|

How to purchase ingredients in OrchestratedBEER

If you're currently managing your hops contracts and ingredient ordering process with spreadsheets and paper, chances are you're doing a lot more work than you have to - and it's probably a pain point of your brewery's operations. Here's a rundown of how breweries can go digital with their ingredient procurement process. It all starts with your supply chain when you order [...]

By | July 17th, 2013|

OrchestratedBEER vs. Manufacturing Software

Orchestra competes with many different firms and product offerings in the marketplace with OrchestratedBEER.  Most commonly, OrchestratedBEER is compared to the “platform” companies and their products, such as Microsoft Dynamics GP or Navision, Sage Mas90 or Mas500.  Occasionally, OrchestratedBEER is also compared to manufacturing software solutions that have some industry focus. Not all ERP systems are created equal. Industry Focus – General [...]

By | November 2nd, 2012|

Can Breweries Survive on Spreadsheets Alone?

There’s an obvious difference between doing something and doing something well. We’re talking about the business of spreadsheets – the lifeblood and foundational management system on which a majority of breweries are built (we’ll save the Quickbooks portion for another blog). You can do a lot with spreadsheets, and some of them are complex, intertwined systems of linked cells and tabs that [...]

By | October 5th, 2012|

4 Ways to Remain Competitive in the Beer Industry

(2016 Update: What Craft Beer Slow down? - 8 Ways Breweries Can Remain Competitive) With US Craft volume share increasing by 5.68% in 2011, the pie is growing but so are the number of forks. In fact, the number of “forks” are growing 3 times the rate of the “pie”. The number of operating breweries is due to increase as this [...]

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